Friday, June 27, 2014

Fall 2014 Network Viewing Schedule

So, now that we've looked at all of the network pick-ups for the 2014-2015 season, how does our nightly schedule look? We have 13 shows to factor in: six in the fall, and seven six later on... plus we have old favorites coming back as well. Of course, this doesn't include the many cable series we adore, but most of their seasons don't run the same way, so there's a variety of overlaps. For now, it looks like we have a total of three Monday series, one on Tuesdays, four Wednesdays, two Thursdays, and a Friday.
New Series:
The McCarthys (Thursdays, 9:30pm, NBC)
Black-ish (Wednesday, 9:30pm, ABC)
Manhattan Love Story (Tuesdays, 8:30pm, ABC)
How to Get Away with Murder (Thursdays, 10pm, ABC)
Red Band Society (Wednesdays, 9pm, FOX)
(Mondays, 9pm, CBS)

Returning Series:
The Big Bang Theory Mondays, 8pm (CBS) [later Thursdays]
2 Broke Girls Mondays, 8pm (CBS) [after TBBT moves]
The Middle, Wednesdays 8pm (ABC)
The Goldbergs, Wednesdays, 8:30pm (ABC)
Last Man Standing, Fridays, 8pm (ABC)

Popping up later:
The Odd Couple
Fresh Off the Boat

Hieroglyph [FOX canceled this project on 6/30/14]
Weird Loners
Mission Control
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Members Only
and, the returning Bob's Burgers
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