Friday, July 18, 2014

Girl Meets World: Riley is the Focus

I think the toughest adjustment to make in watching this series is recognizing that Cory and Topanga aren't the main characters. It makes sense that they're not, but it seems that most spin-offs center around the character(s) that make the jump, rather than other people entirely. [although Harriet was certainly not the focus of Family Matters, LoL.] Still, it's taking me a little while to adjust to relating to Riley and her friends as the protagonists. Of course, Farkle is absolutely adorable, has the best lines, and is disarming beyond belief, but I'm still a little hesitant to fall in love with Maya or Lucas. Auggie has started to win me over, but that's really not much of a chore for a five-year-old! I think that as the series continues, it'll get easier, especially if Riley keeps doing things that I remember her father doing on Boy Meets World, like hiding out in a locker!
Girl Meets World "Girl Meets Sneak Attack" (S01E03): Riley is in a great mood, but when she sees Lucas talking to another girl, Missy, she becomes completely jealous. [windows from the hallway into the classroom? that seems like an odd expense, though it's probably safer.] Riley decides to stand up for herself when Missy asks Lucas to the movies, but she doesn't know how to flirt and winds up sticking her finger up his nose. [no guy would hold still like that!] She's beyond embarrassed and plans to stay in her locker, but, fortunately, Farkle is always there to help his friend out. [how does he know how to flirt when Maya doesn't? Shawn certainly knew what he was doing! also, the whole "barf! barf, I say!" thing was totally Cory!]

Riley tells Lucas that she doesn't think he should hang out with Missy alone, but the temptress gets detention with Lucas for the express purpose of being alone with him. [I officially don't like Missy, LoL.] Riley and Maya follow suit. [in a much weirder way!] But, in detention, Lucas talks about having more fun with a group of friends while in seventh grade. [a little preachy and afterschool special narrator-y, no? and who walks out of detention? but the placecards were cute.]

At home, Auggie decides that five-year-olds shouldn't have plush toys from children's television shows, and starts hanging around with Ava, a bossy six-year-old neighbor. She irritates Topanga, and Auggie learns there's no rush to grow up. 

Other notable similarities to the original series: Maya saying "pleasure doing business with you" was an exact quote of Shawn's. Also, the "what was I supposed to do? I xxx, I yyy." was totally Cory! [I think catching little things like this is my favorite part of the series currently!]
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