Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hot in Cleveland: Paying for Relationships

The whole "Elka for Councilwoman" idea is plodding along, and this time she's trying to raise money for her campaign through an auction of small items and gift baskets. She also auctions off dates with the girls, which they hadn't agreed to donating. The move was typical for Elka, though bothersome for many. It also made Joy and Victoria's newest relationships move lightning-quick, which I wasn't happy to see. Yes, Joy and Mitch have been moving slowly (especially for her) over the past five or six episodes, but now there's a lot of pressure for the couple to succeed, given than he paid top-dollar for no reason. On the contrary, Victoria just met J.J., the writer of her new project, but as her attempts at dating "the common man" haven't gone swimmingly in the past, I'm not sure how many people really want to see yet another disaster in the making...
Hot in Cleveland "Auction Heroes" (S05E16): Victoria accidentally insults the screenwriter of her new project, then discovers that she must be able to play piano for the part. She promises to learn, but still hopes to get out of the requirement. [typical.]

Joy wants to tell Mitch the truth, but when she meets his dating consultant (unaware of the man's occupation), he hits on her and then tricks her into a date by saying he'll reveal Mitch's turn-ons. [she cut her pants at the restaurant?!?] Mitch gets jealous, and the consultant sabotages them from both ends, giving them turn-offs which make for an awkward meal together. Fortunately, Mitch realizes he's being played, and although it takes a bidding war, he takes Joy for a date. [too bad it cost him $10,000!] The prices of the other girls (auctioned first) were Melanie for $1,000 and Victoria for $5,000 (courtesy of her screenwriter). 
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