Thursday, July 17, 2014

RETURNING: Teen Mom 2: Down Time

The girls are back, despite rumors that the show had been canceled. It's only been about three months since their antics were last depicted on MTV, but that gap doesn't seem to occur in their storylines. However, there also isn't that much to their plots at the moment. Kailyn is adjusting to life with two children and Leah has picked up a job to help with the bills. Things are a little more interesting with Jenelle, who will avoid jailtime for her recent shenanigans, and Chelsea, whose aesthetician license is being withheld because social media depicted her work at a recent wedding. I'm a bit surprised that someone filed a complaint, though as long as no money was exchanged, I imagine that it won't take long for Chelsea to get everything straightened out.
Teen Mom 2 "Keep it Together" (S05E14): Jenelle is 23 weeks pregnant when she sees her lawyer, but otherwise no major depictions of time.

Chelsea: She gets approved for a loan to buy a house, but when she can't move in right away, she and Aubree stay with her dad or a few weeks. [I thought it was funny her dad seemed impressed Chelsea could afford it on her own.] Her aesthetician license is being withheld because someone filed a complaint that she was paid for services without a license. She meets with a friend and they talk about how they did it but weren't paid, so it should be okay.

Kailyn: She and Javi struggle to balance parenting both kids. [I laughed at how Javi isn't interested in spending time with Lincoln... newborns don't do much.]

Leah: She's working part-time at a tanning salon to help with Ali's medical bills. Jeremy is now working two hours away in Ohio, so he can check-in with the family weekly.

Jenelle: She finds out she's having a boy, and they plan to name him "Kaiser." [Barbara thought that was a beer? like Budweiser?] Her charges get dismissed so they don't have to worry about jailtime for her. Nathan, however, must plead guilty to some misdemeanors in order to get his felony dismissed. This will land him with 30 days in jail. [bleh.]
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