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Teen Mom 2: End of the Fifth Season

Some people on the internet are claiming that we're now past the age of Teen Mom 2, and thus beyond the world of Teen Mom, and the first and third versions have already been cancelled. However, although there are "official" claims, I have found no press releases or other statements from MTV or the four girls that suggests that we've seen the last of Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn, and Leah. That said, I'm ready for the end to be here. I've long since been over Chelsea and Jenelle, and Kailyn has her life together enough that it's not "reality show interesting" anymore. That leaves Leah, whose life and situation is unenviable and almost more of a "can't stop looking for a trainwreck" than anything else. But, of course, it's still somewhat of a guilty pleasure, so I will probably tune in again if new episodes/specials pop up, but if they don't, I won't be sad.
Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 "That's the Way Love Goes" (S05E13):
Jenelle: Nathan quits his job selling timeshares, leading to a fight about money that gets Jenelle arrested for disturbing the peace. [how loud did she get and for how long??!?] If she is charged with probation violation, it's 13 months in prison, but her lawyers will try to get it dropped. She wants to start going to counseling with Nathan, but he thinks they're bound to break-up, so maybe an abortion is the best situation, even if Jenelle is twelve weeks along already. [she doesn't go with the abortion, but it also doesn't seem like they are in counseling.]

Leah: Ali is starting to go downhill already, and she is diagnosed with Titin gene mutation, which is newly discovered, and affects the heart and lungs in addition to her congenital muscular dystrophy. [that sucks.] There are only about 20 confirmed cases, but Ali may live into her 50s. Unfortunately, there are no other children with it, so they don't know exactly what to expect and plan to have yearly checks with the cardiologist and pulmonary specialist. [Ali's hair was red for a second there, what was that about?!?]. 

Chelsea: She takes her board exams four hours away, but she thinks she failed. [we don't actually learn of her results for some reason.] Adam gets in a bad car accident, and had no license or insurance, though he walks away with only has a concussion. [how irresponsible!]

Kailyn: Isaac is acting out. Jo's parents are selling their house, and Jo gets a new place and is living with Vee. [too bad Jo's parents are divorcing.] Isaac starts calling Javi "Daddy," and Kailyn worries that Jo will yell at him for doing so.

Teen Mom 2 "Season 5 Unseen Moments" (Special): The group talks about troubles with social media and not being able to stop the filming.  

: She finds a nude picture of Nathan on the internet, but he denies that it's him. Turns out, it was Channing Tatum. [I can't believe she got them confused.] She and Nathan embark on an eight-hour roadtrip, only for him to forget to get her a drink. [and they never stopped to get one? sure, I'd probably not want to stop out of spite, but eight hours is FOREVER in a hot car!] Her credit is bad, so she bails on leases every couple of months. [...what?!?]

Leah: We see the twins trying out gymnastics and Leah realizing that Ali wouldn't be able to keep up in tumbling class. Leah spanks as a punishment technique. Corey doesn't like the idea of Leah moving the girls to PA. [I can get behind that.] 

Chelsea: She hasn't made new friends in Delaware because she's worried about people's intentions. [that's sad but probably very true.] She and some friends drive down to Omaha for some fun. She didn't want the visitation papers to be on the show, but of course MTV found out. 

Kailyn: Jo tells his dad that Kailyn calls him and wants him to stay with her sometimes, etc.

Teen Mom 2 "Season 5 Finale Special: Check Up With Dr. Drew Part 1" (Special):

: She continues to harp on Jeremy focusing on work over family. She still doesn't have Ali's $20,000 wheelchair, as it's tied up in insurance. She and Corey are co-parenting well. [haha at Leah's face when Jeremy talked about having another chidl!]

Kailyn: She and Javi continue to get physical when fighting. [eep!] 

Teen Mom 2 "Season 5 Finale Special: Check Up With Dr. Drew Part 2" (Special): It's super cute that Dr. Drew can interview the kids now! [where's Aleeah? acting out so in time-out?]

Jenelle: Nathan has a daughter from a previous relationship of whom he doesn't have custody because he suffered a brain injury while serving in the military. [interesting.] He also suffers from PTSD. Jenelle still isn't divorced from Courtland, as you have to be separated for a full year in North Carolina. [ooook...] She's in school now, and Barbara is single again. 

Chelsea: She slept with Adam while Taylor was pregnant. [whaaat?!?] Chelsea says Adam has been arrested 30 times, but he says it's more like 8 or 10, though he does have three DUIs. [I don't even comprehend how you don't "turn straight" in a situation like that!] He had to do six months in jail, but did have a work-release arrangement. Adam still won't give Chelsea his phone number, but it's partially so he's not tempted to reach out to her. [ummm...] He says that when Aubree is at his parents' house, he's there 60-80% of the time. Adam claims that the show only depicts his lows, and says that Chelsea's dad, Randy, has bothered him on twitter before. [I found it interesting that Adam was clearly trying to make specific points for the audience's sake.]  
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