Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer 2014 TCA: MTV's Virgin Territory

Today's society has a preoccupation with sex. It's no surprise, and is becoming less and less taboo every year. Recently, there has been a focus on the public's interest in virgins specifically, with specials on couples waiting to kiss until marriage, middle-aged virgins, and reality dating shows following those wishing to abstain in an age where many are in bed at the conclusion of the third date. (remember Virgin Diaries on TLC in 2011?) Well, this docuseries will follow 15 young adults from different areas of the country who remain virgins for various reasons.

The young adults featured in the panel were 21-23 years of age, and, in the US, the average person loses their virginity at 17 years old, with 90% of 24-year-olds being sexually experienced. Now, MTV did not go by a set definition of "virgin" in casting this program, so we should see very different experiences depicted, as well as reasons for those circumstances. For instance, Dominique's faith factors into her decision to wait (young motherhood was another factor), and it was practically THE deciding factor for Lisa. On the other hand, Alec hasn't had sex because he hasn't been public with his sexuality, and is anxiously anticipating reaching the milestone.

Though the topic might not be the easiest to watch, MTV maintains its stance that it's important to keep its younger audience informed about sex. After all, according to a January 2014 survey conducted of 18-24-year-olds on behalf of The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy:
  • 86% "wish popular media like movies and TV shows portrayed virginity in a more realistic way" 
  • 74% "wish popular media like movies and TV shows did a better job of exploring why people are virgins." 
  • Only 69% of say it's socially acceptable for someone their age to be a virgin.
  • Among young adults who have not yet had sex, 37% say they are waiting for marriage, 26% are waiting until they fall in love, and 20% say they haven't because of the risk of pregnancy.

Watch Virgin Territory premiering Wednesday, July 16th, at 11pm ET/PT... just after the new season of Teen Mom 2. MTV is found on DirecTV 331, DISH 160/1333, FiOS 210/710, U-Verse 502/1502, and other carriers.
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