Sunday, April 15, 2012

Something Different: Virgin Diaries

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Oh, that TLC. Always running the strangest programs! They've ruined couponing for a lot of people. They've shed light on all of the processed foods some people eat. They've even guilted you out of keeping junk around the house for fear of being a hoarder. And, now, they're making sure that everyone knows that there are still some people who wait until they tie to knot to do the deed. In some cases it seems to be painfully awkward for these folks, but for others it seems to be fairly standard. And, in at least one case, it seems absolutely unbelievable! Virgin Diaries first aired back in December and TLC did put out a casting call for engaged virgin couples, ages 28 and up, but there's been no word as to whether this will continue as a series. Personally, I hope it doesn't, as I can't see how it could do more good than harm - there was plenty of internet snarking over this one hour alone!
Virgin Diaries: In Oregon, Ryan, 31, has never kissed a girl on the lips... not even his fiancee, Shanna, whom he met at a Christian Halloween party. They've decided to save their first kiss (along with their "first time") for their wedding day, despite the fact that their parents don't really understand their conviction. [they actually don't make it too entirely clear...] Shanna asks her best friend for advice, but no enlightening tips are received.  At their wedding, as you can imagine, the first kiss was breathless and really awkward to watch. [ewww on her veil!] Subsequent kisses were similar. It was painful but amazing. [but watching Shanna fling her tongue around was gross.]

Carey is a 35-year-old virgin, though not by choice. He just doesn't date much - eight months ago was the first date he had in 7 or 8 years. [I guess he doesn't get lonely? or he's painfully shy?] He has a date coming up and asks his mother for some advice. He tells her that he's a virgin and she says that he shouldn't share all of his secrets with his date. [she's also pretty awkward around the cameras...] This cat-loving, fudge-making guy thinks he's a good catch, but needs a little more advice. Too bad his friends aren't much help, either. He does think running affects his sex drive, so he goes for a jog before the big night. On his date, he shares that he's a virgin and rarely dates, so the girl quickly asks what his goal is. [good question!] The date ends with a hug (he's kissed four girls EVER) and a potential facebook friendship. The next day, he goes to a bar with some friends and he's presented with an opportunity to have sex, but it doesn't feel right and he declines. [I think it would have been more interesting to hear about WHY he never dates and what his early dating career was like...]

Lisa, Tamara, and Danielle are roommates in British Columbia. Tamara is a "reclaimed virgin" (she's had sex with ~7 guys), and the other two are "true virgins." The girls (about 30 years old) don't necessarily feel like they need to be married to have sex, but Lisa's only ever even kissed one boy, so there's some work to be done. [what do these people do in their spare time??] The rest of their storyline centers around a blind date that Lisa goes on (though they have talked on the phone before), where she asks the guy what his timeline is for getting married and having a family. [ON THE FIRST DATE. talk about not wasting any time!] Later, the girls go on a triple-blind date, where it turns out that all three guys are also virgins. [and, here we have the most unbelievable situation I've seen in a while!]
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