Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dance Academy: Semester End

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So, we learned that Tara understands how blisters are formed. I'm glad, since the only academic classes these kids seem to take are anatomy and physiology. We also learned that her father is a proud man and that Tara cares an awful lot about her parents. Without being forced, how many kids do you know who would leave a NATIONAL ACADEMY for studying what they love to go home and save their parents money? Certainly not teenage me, that's for sure! I was also taken aback by how much time Ethan seemed to spend around Tara's parents... they haven't even actually been on a date yet. The most inconsiderate thing, however, would be Kat and Sammy pulling Tara away for HOURS right when she was supposed to leave for the drive home. Yes, they had planned something because they thought they'd never see her again... but why spring it like that?? My mom would've killed me, LoL. Plus, what did her parents do all that time? Talk to Ethan and Christian?? Anyway, here are the main points in this week's episodes... 

Dance Academy "Pressure" (S01E11):
 - Dance and academic exams are the same week. If Kat does well, her mother will let her choose where they go on vacation. [that's a nice reward!]
 - Tara ignores Ethan's flirting to focus on exams, but she's really just afraid that she'll be a bad kisser. So, Sammy is her practice dummy and Kat is her tutor. [I'm not even kidding. check the pic.] Ethan witnesses it, so Tara has to come clean (thanks to Christian's advice: "when you're kissing the right person, it's always simple") and kisses him. [Christian is an odd one to give that advice. Of course, I also found it odd that Ethan would share his kissing Tara with Christian...]
 - Abigail is partnered with Sammy for a final, and she overdoes rehearsing. Of course, she's also denying herself any food or water because she doesn't dance as "naturally" as some of the others and she wants a competitive scholarship. Soon, Abigail begins to have bouts of dizziness, and Sammy encourages her to see a doctor. She promises to eat something if he'll stay quiet until after exams, but, of course, she trashes the food he gives her and she winds up passing out during the exam. [and, thanks to the previews and the lead-up Abigail storylines, we all should have seen this coming.]

Dance Academy "Family" (S01E12):
 - Parents get to watch classes for a couple days, but Kat and Sammy's fathers don't attend. Tara's country-mouse parents brought their lunch, her dad has a broken tooth, and their car is leaking oil. [they're poor. we got it.] 
 - Tara blows off dinner with her parents, which doesn't seem to really bother her mother. [how did she get in Tara's room, by the way?] Her mother does confide that they can't afford to keep her at the Academy. So, the next night over pizza, Tara says she's homesick and wants to return to dancing part-time. She tells her teacher (who returns her toeshoes) and friends that she won't be returning, and, lo and behold, Tara is given a full scholarship to continue her studies. [Tara, who is nowhere near the best student in class. we don't know the outline of the requirements, though, so "most improved" might have helped her?]
 - Natasha and Kat do a mother-daughter photo shoot and interview, and because Kat is upset that her mother has booked an engagement for the time period where they're supposed to take a vacation, she tells the reporters about a time that Natasha forgot her in a hotel and left the country. [not very nice to share, but, given the circumstances and Kat's general behavior, I believe it.]
 - Sammy has been trying to reach Abigail by phone, but her mother won't allow it. Finally, he goes to her home and climbs up a tree so he can watch a video with her.
 - The school is on a three-week holiday. 
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