Monday, August 25, 2014

Falling Skies: Closer to the Moon

I spent most of this episode shaking my head, rolling my eyes, and sighing. Next week we'll have a double-whammy to finish off the season, which will also be the end of our regular coverage of this series. I'm beyond the writers taking extreme liberties to make the program more exciting, appeal to a wider demographic, retain viewership by delivering something new, and whatever other justifications have been made to keep this show plugging along. I mean, seriously... it just so happens that Cochise isn't able to make the journey? I don't buy it.
Falling Skies "Drawing Straws" (S04E10): Lexi has a nightmare of Ben coming to her to show her the result of what she's done: his hands have been severely damaged. [random!] She learns to defy gravity, then finds out that she's progressing so well that the Espheni are planning to use her to kill. She winds up killing her Espheni "father." [but her uncle is still out there!]

Matt has entered his teenager rebellious phase, and, as a result, doesn't listen to Tom aboard the Espheni ship. [not impressed.] As Cochise can't go on the trip, Tom assumes he'll be saving the day, but others want the opportunity to be a hero and demand a random draw. [why let Tom pick the papers??] Ben and Tom win the honors, and Anne wonders if Tom rigged it. [plus, Ben was foreshadowed to be on this mission...] He admits to doing so, and encourages his sons to make up before the mission. Except, when Hal goes to accept Ben's apology, he finds his brother making out with Maggie... again. [ugh!] The two blame it on the spikes, but it's not really believed. Just as the two Mason men are about to launch, there's a series of explosions and Lexi returns. [WHERE in the world is this drama going??!?]
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