Saturday, August 2, 2014

Girl Meets World: A Locket and a Chicken

Five episodes into this show now, I'm ready to make some larger observations. First, I love the theme song. It's very fitting for both the characters and the time period. Second (and this might be because I watched some Full House this week and no show was better than that one at highlighting the lesson of the episode), I'm okay with the overly sweet morals the series shoves down your throat... Boy Meets World made me feel secure in being a "good kid," and if it worked for that show, may this assist many adolescents today.
Third, the settings are mid-boggling on both ends of the spectrum! On the one hand, Riley's school has stairs, lockers, classrooms, benches, walls, and even bathrooms (conveniently a girls' room where Cory had a boys' room) in the same place as John Adams. And Cory's classroom being where Mr. Turner's was certainly brings back memories! However, at the Matthews' home, what's with the artwork in the hallway? It seems very odd...

Girl Meets World "Girl Meets the Truth" (S01E05): Maya wears a large gold locket, which Riley won't stop harassing her about until she learns how Maya came to own it. [I was surprised that Riley would buy either that Maya "went to France" or that her "dad sent it" to her.] Maya saw the necklace in a lost-and-found of a store in the Village for months, and claimed it because it was an orphan. [she didn't really expand upon "why" she did that, though. also, what was with the pigeon? ] Riley still claims that Maya took something that didn't belong to her, but Maya wants to keep it because there's a family inside with a father and a mother. [ooohhh...] But, when the girls are out and about and see the family that matches the picture, Maya returns it. [well, yeah. it would have been weird not to at that point.]

Cory gives his class a lecture on truth, then faces the wrath of his wife when the chicken dinner she makes isn't awesome. [we don't hear what Riley has to say about the meal, though.] He keeps making the situation worse by comparing the dryness of the poultry to that of dinosaurs, so Topanga locks him out of the house. [funny to see him try to get back in through multiple window!] Auggie helps his father realize that he should be thankful Topanga cooks for him, even if it isn't always what he wants. [Auggie's line was cute.]

Lucas plays Romeo to Riley's Juliet, but in the kissing scene, Farkle interrupts and calls Maya to the stage. [I don't understand how none of the teachers stopped the situation! also, why wasn't Riley the least bit nervous about Lucas potentially kissing her??] Afterward, Riley doesn't want to tell Farkle that he ruined the play, as she doesn't want to crush him, but because she encourages him, he becomes pompous about his future in acting. He even quits the chess and chemistry clubs, only to find out that he's not very good at acting. He still thanks Riley, though, because she gave him the courage to try something new... and he kisses her chin. [the kiss was weird enough, but I am hard-pressed to believe that he was still grateful in that moment...] Lucas sees it all, and hints at the fact that he wants to kiss Riley when the moment is right. [well, maybe she'll be nervous in the future?]

Another notable similarity to the original series: Riley telling Maya "if you tell me you did it, then I believe you," which Cory said to Shawn.
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