Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little People, Big World: New Adventures on the Horizon

I loved that Audrey didn't know which hand to put the ring on, as I went around wearing my engagement ring on my right hand for a couple days before I knew it was wrong! And yes, that's a big ol' spoiler right there - Jeremy and Audrey are engaged! So, much like the latest season of 19 Kids and Counting, this season of Little People, Big World will see a fair bit of wedding planning as well as the event. Both families are very into DIY culture, so who knows what surprises may pop up. Speaking of which, Matt is still thinking up new ideas for things around the farm, and even Amy has decided to branch out from writing a cookbook to running a restaurant!
Little People, Big World "The Proposal" (S08E01): Matt and Amy have now been separated since November and hadn’t traveled together until it’s time to attend Jeremy’s graduate with a B.A. in Professional Photography from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. [I guess I hadn’t bothered to figure out which school Jeremy had been attending before, as this caught me a little by surprise.] Audrey can't come because she has a track meet, and Molly is spending the semester abroad in Costa Rica. [I wonder what Audrey’s events are in track?]

Amy is worried about her future income. [why not go back to the preschool biz?] She creates a menu for a friend's restaurant, based on pumpkin, and enlists the help of Jeremy, Jacob, and Zach in the kitchen. Matt attends the event as a diner, even though he has to go downtown. [ugh. Why can’t he be excited for something his wife is doing?!?] The commercial kitchen isn't built for Amy's size like her home kitchen is, so they fall behind. Fortunately, her menu of pumpkin soup with spiced toasted pumpkin seeds and a salad pork loin with the pumpkin and peach salsa goes over well. [what did she serve for dessert? And is it really early summer like other events are suggesting? Because that’s totally not when everyone’s adoring pumpkin!]

Jeremy tells Zach that he wants to propose to Audrey after almost three years of dating, and he customizes a ring before telling his parents his plan. [Jeremy and Audrey have not been showcased on this series the way Zach and Tori are (Audrey only first appeared during the Wedding Farm season, I believe), so it was interesting to hear the couple had been together that long.] Matt really wants to watch it in action, as Jeremy brings a typewriter on a picnic so he and Audrey can type notes to one another about pillars in their relationship. They go from “I will not always assume that I'm right?” to “Acknowledging each other's point of view in public?” to “Will you marry me?” with Jeremy then down on one knee. [I kinda love their wacky typewriter stories. very cute!]
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