Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Farm: Wrapping Up a New Series

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Will this series continue? I'm not sure. It partially depends on how many more brides will have their weddings at Roloff Farms, and how many of those will agree to be recorded. It also relies on whether the family will decide to keep up with that new enterprise - it seems to be much tougher than Matt originally anticipated. Still, it was nice to round things out with a nice episode focused on the family. It actually made me hopeful to get more updates on the kids - three out of four are now out of the home, so time's are a-changin'! What did you think of the series - should it continue?
Credit: TLC
Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm "Matt and Amy's 25th Anniversary" (S01E06): As per their usual, Matt and Amy need to compromise on the size and level of formality for their 25th anniversary celebration. [I was kinda put off that Matt didn't help much with the planning the first time!] While they're arguing and taking pictures and whatnot, Jeremy and Molly come home for a weekend to make a video for their parents. [was it really that short?] Amy tries on her wedding dress and wonders why she chose puffy sleeves. [haha!] We get a review of the couple's courtship: met in March, engaged within a few months, and married in September. [I laughed at how Matt talks about Amy's good cooking won him over.]

Matt comes up with a rap for Amy which Jacob and Zach think is ridiculous, but she finds it funny. Amy attaches tons of photos to some panels. Zach and Jeremy bake a cake but they don't wait for it to cool before frosting it. [I have to worry about people in their twenties who have never baked a cake... that's an easy lesson there.] Jeremy brings his girlfriend, Audrey, to the celebration, which Molly misses. After watching the video, they play the Newlywed Game. The kids give them a branding iron with their initials. [I thought that was expected, just as Zach pointed out they've been giving them to the newlywed couples all summer.] 

Celebration aside, Zach, Tori, Matt, Amy, and Jacob visited Molly for the weekend. [she is crazy fortunate to have a mixer at college, but how often will she really use it??] She shows them around and Matt reminisces. [lol, a baby on a tractor??]
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