Monday, September 29, 2014

RETURNING: South Park: Classic Comedy

This episode did not disappoint. The initial set-up was a little much, with gross name after gross name, but once the direction was clear, the humor bloomed. There were certainly low points, but the writing continues to be true to the characters' personalities, and that's what works best for this series. Plus, it's been a while since they had a get-rich-quick scheme, and those are generally goldmines.

also, um, so I've invested in several Kickstarter projects and never thought about how the website makes 5% on every funded project and does nothing but host the pages companies and individuals create to raise money. I am thoroughly impressed with Kickstarter at the moment!
Comedy Central
South Park "Go Fund Yourself" (S18E01): The kids try to come up with a Startup Company name that isn't taken yet, which is quite tough, resulting in them buying Furry Balls Plopped Menacingly on the Table, Inc. before realizing that Washington Redskins is available because the trademark got pulled. [simple is better!] The kids quit school to move forward with their four-point plan (Stat Up, Cash In, Sell Out, Bro Down), which begins netting them Kickstarter (to do nothing) investments. [haha, I love simple "plans" like that!] Dan Snyder, the owner of the football team by the same name, wants Cartman to stop using the name, but it doesn't make a difference to him. Neither does ISIS looking up to the Washington Redskins, so Kyle and Stan decide to start their own company under the lengthier name, but Stan soon wants to simplify again, and leaves Kyle.

Meanwhile, the NFL team owners agree to come together and force Cartman's Washington Redskins to change their name and logo, but Cartman unveils the Redskins head with a profile of male and female body parts. [figures.] In retaliation, the football team takes over Kickstarter, causing havoc the night before Cartman's company is set to receive their raised funds. [ha!] Cartman thinks Kyle is the guilty party, but Stan points out that they just need to start over so they all merge back together to try to become the next Kickstarter. But, GoFundYourself's model is that others do all the work and then just give them 5%. [so, effectively, worse than how Kickstarter works.] But, it turns around and bites them when nobody buys into it and resents the guys. 
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