Thursday, October 9, 2014

South Park: Feelings of Confusion

I may no longer work in academia, but my time in both graduate school and student affairs ingrained words like “cisgender” into my vocabulary. I’ve had to explain what I mean more than once when I use that term, and I’m generally met with stares meant for someone with three eyes. So, although South Park certainly takes some liberties with what they’re doing, I appreciate that there are now thousands of people who have at least heard the term now, even if they don’t quite understand what it means. All of that aside, I am super intrigued as to how the continuation of the episodes linking this season is going to work… do Matt Stone and Trey Parker have everything in that spectrum mapped out already? Or are they writing in their usual manner and just finding weird ways to keep certain jokes going?
Comedy Central
South Park "The Cissy" (S18E03): Cartman gets upset when both stalls are occupied in the boys' restroom at recess, so he puts on a hair bow and uses the girls' restroom, claiming he is "cisginger." [haha, this show and its gingers!] It causes such a ruckus that Cartman is given his own restroom, but Wendy rebels by claiming she identifies as male, and therefore should share the "other" restroom. [that was a quick remodel!]

A reporter is researching whether Lorde really played in SouthPark, but the truth is that Randy IS Lorde. [::blink::] The reporter keeps snooping and determines that Lorde works part-time as a geologist. Meanwhile, Randy confides in Stan that he is Lorde, and he uses autotune to do alter his voice. Stan then tries the transgender bathroom, as he feels confused. [interesting touch!] Meanwhile, the USGS wants Randy/Lorde to use a separate restroom, but everything blows over and even the school decides that the students can use whichever restroom they feel most comfortable in. [I kinda like it.] Plus, the reporter chooses not to publish the truth about Lorde being Randy. [anyone else start having flashbacks of the blogging gerbil?]
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