Thursday, January 15, 2015

Black-ish: Martin Luther King Day 2015

It makes perfect sense that Dre would use MLK Day as a chance to demonstrate his kids' lack of knowledge regarding Black History, but I still didn't see it coming! I smiled at the idea of using the three-day weekend to go skiing - when I was a senior in high school my youth group went up to West Virginia that weekend to do that, and it was awesome. This episode fell a bit short of awesome, but was pretty interesting... Dre being determined to show Junior that racism is alive and well, only for the teen to wind up taking a stand for something completely different: snowboarding! Of course, his spiel on a bus still wasn't as funny as Dre's sit-in in the lodge lobby!
Black-ish "Martin Luther Skiing Day" (S01E12): The Johnsons take part in "black ski weekend" during MLK Day every year. [here in California, everyone takes President's Day weekend to go skiing... but maybe I just don't know enough black people here?] One of Junior's (white) friends is coming along, so Dre decides that he needs to beef up the family's knowledge of the cultural icon whom the weekend honors. [Dre isn't at a new company, so why is it that he's only now finding out that the corporation doesn't seem to recognize the national holiday? "it's a holiday for you two, so feel free to take the day off," sounds more like something you say for Yom Kippur, but I grew up with a Jewish superintendent, so we had all the Jewish holidays off anyway. as far as "black holidays" go, I am now curious as to how many people celebrate "Obama's inauguration" and "OJ getting off" as such...]

Dre invites Charlie to come, and then the two of them ride with Junior and his friend while Bow has the twins and Zoe in the SUV. [thoughts on "we raised a bad black person" ??] When the guys get pulled over, Dre begins to act like they're in trouble just for being black, but it was really for expired tags. [ha!] Dre then begins to look for prejudice everywhere, and makes mountains out of molehills, even throwing a fit over not getting adjoining rooms. [well, in all fairness, this sounds like a big deal when you're traveling with five kids!] But, the next day, when it's time to hit the slopes, Junior makes a scene on the bus over snowboarders having to ride in the back, and Dre is temporarily proud of his son.
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