Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Black-ish: Valentine's Day 2015

Blackish just had an interesting holiday episode for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so I wasn't expecting something for Valentine's Day. But, this was a welcome surprise, as the format was a little different, and we were able to get adults/kids storylines which is a breakdown we don't seem to get often on this series. I definitely agree that the more important the day, the more likely it is that big things will go wrong. I was taken aback, though, at the idea that Diane is mean to everyone... I guess I hadn't noticed? Part of me kinda wants to go back and watch earlier episodes to see if it's been a trending trait that I ignored...

Black-ish "Big Night, Big Fight" (S01E13): Dre and Bow tend to have a fight every Valentine's Day, but Dre thinks that he'll be able to make it a perfect holiday this year. He forgets to make a reservation, takes forever ordering and Bow isn't able to get her preferred entree, and winds up putting his foot in his mouth more than once. [loved the guys hanging out in the restroom!]
It's not the ideal romantic holiday, but probably on the memorable side if nothing else!

Meanwhile, at home, the kids try to teach Diane how to give compliments after she's upset that Jack got more valentines than she did. [when I was in elementary school you had to give one to every classmate, so I never experienced feeling left out. In middle school, some kids got carnations and others didn't but my friends and I would send them to one another so there was no real sad point there, either.] However, it turns out creepy and Bow and Dre tell the kids to "fix Diane" so that she's back to her usual, "mean" self. [if you're a parent, shouldn't you want your child to be a nice person??]
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