Friday, February 20, 2015

NEW SHOW: The Odd Couple

I have to start out by admitting that I've never seen an episode of the original Odd Couple series. However, I am familiar with its popularity, and after watching this re-make pilot, I wonder if the concept is dated. Mismatched roommates and divorcees living together are not innovative ideas for television. Granted, this is the pilot so part of the storyline has to be dedicated to setting up the characters, but it didn't really lure me in much at all - or maybe I'm just not the target audience. Still, as I mentioned last June, I think that the casting may hold promise, so I'll stick around for a few episodes.
Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
The Odd Couple "Pilot" (S01E01): Oscar is a sports radio host who works from home. [really? you can do that sort of thing from home now? on a real radio station?] His assistant, Dani, helps him with tasks both business and personal. [I guess she exists so there's a female character?] His agent, Teddy, is also a friend. [odd to see that actor last year being Michael J. Fox's boss and now a buddy of Matthew Perry, LoL.] He hits on his neighbors, and his latest target is Casey. Things with her go awry, however, when Oscar's old friend, Felix, shows up, heartbroken. Despite having been in couples therapy for eight years, Felix's wife, Ashley, has called it quits, so also-newly-single Oscar (divorced from wife Gabby) invites his friend to crash at his place. Felix promptly cleans the apartment, but again manages to throw a wrench in Oscar's dating plans, this time with Casey and her sister, Emily. [awesome living room! a sports ticker that even tells you what you're out of around the house?!?]
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