Thursday, May 7, 2015

Season Finale: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has had some great season finales as well as some that were rather unimpressive. The advertisements for tonight's episode ("The Commitment Determination") boasted crazy cliffhangers and big changes, but I don't know that audiences really received those. Take a look at the storylines that took place...

Bernadette finally convinces Howard that they need to kick Stuart out of their home, but even she can't follow through when they learn it's his birthday. My problem: they've known Stuart for YEARS and have hung out more than a handful of times... how do they have no idea when his birthday is??
Raj wants to wander around Pottery Barn, not canoodle in a graveyard, but he doesn't want to give up the one girl who has paid significant attention to him, so he chickens out of dumping her... and instead says he loves her My problem: I can't handle people who don't confront issues for no good reason. Fear is not a good reason. Plus, love-lying is the worst lying.
Leonard and Penny are being teased for not yet setting a wedding date, so they decide to head to Las Vegas immediately. However, Leonard wants to clear the air before they tie the knot, and admits that he kissed a girl a couple years earlier. My problem: I don't believe that Penny has always been faithful to Leonard, nor do I think some kissing is that big a deal.
Sheldon and Amy celebrate their five-year anniversary, but he's not focused on her, and she gets upset. He decides to propose, but before he can do so, she asks him for some space to re-evaluate their situation. My problem: I don't think the two should marry. He doesn't pay attention to her in the way that she desires, and their mismatched sex drives will likely continue to be a problem in the long run. Also, a nitpick: the Golem thing was too obvious.
It was just one problem after another. Sure, some of the previous season finales have suffered similar issues, but look at them...

Season 1: Leonard and Penny go on their first date.
Season 2: The guys head to the North Pole for three months, while Penny wishes she wouldn't be away from Leonard for that long.
Season 3: Penny and Leonard have casual sex while Sheldon meets Amy.
Season 4: Penny sleeps with Raj while Howard feels emasculated due to Bernadette's new job.
Season 5: Howard heads to space and uses a flashback to tell the story of his wedding.
Season 6: Leonard heads to the Black Sea for four months, while Raj gets dumped by Lucy and overcomes his selective mutism.
Season 7: Penny and Leonard get engaged, Raj and Emily have sex, Stuart's comic book store burns down and he becomes Howard's mother's nurse, and Sheldon hops a train to avoid dealing with all the changes around him.

Not as interesting in comparison. Plus, the previous season's finale was much more "cliffhanger" with Sheldon off to ride the rails!

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