Thursday, July 9, 2015

Comic-Con 2015: CBS's Under the Dome

I remember the announcements about Steven Spielberg and Stephen King coming together for Under the Dome, and for a while I had an appreciation for the sci-fi series. However, that show really jumped the shark at the start of Season 3 when everyone wound up back under the dome after spending two seasons getting out. Plus, only three weeks have gone by on the show, so the pace is unreal... are they trying to be 24 here??

Mike Vogel, Colin Ford, Marg Helgenberger are the only three actors who were present, but rounding out the panel were EPs Neal Baer and Tim Schlattmann. [I'm totally wondering why Dean Norris, Rachelle LeFevre, and Alexander Koch weren't there...] 

Vogel talked about his bond with Rachelle LeFevre (Julia on the show), hinting that she's his favorite actress to work with on the drama. [I've gotta say... hearing Vogel use "all y'all" threw me... he's from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, guys!] Helgenberger preferred to talk about how grateful she is that people come from all over the world to attend Comic-Con. Ford has learned a lot about playing a villain from the other actors on the show... but the fate of humanity may soon rest on his character, Joe, so being evil won't help a whole lot.

We were treated to bits of future episodes (tonight's as well as the two following it), so look forward to seeing things like a tent city near the school, Christine talking about how everyone could soon suffocate if amethysts dying calcifies the Dome, a lot of injuries, and Christine joining Big Jim (and dog) in jail!

Under the Dome is on CBS Thursdays at 10pm (ET/PT).

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