Thursday, July 9, 2015

Comic-Con 2015: CBS's Extant

As I mentioned earlier today, Extant is not my favorite show by any extent of the imagination (in fact, so much so that I've never seen it), but the panel for it at Comic-Con 2015 wasn't bad.

If you're like me and oblivious to this series, apparently it's a mystery thriller in its second season. The character Molly has unknowingly steered humanity toward destruction, but she might be able to save everyone anyway. We had a sneak peek first, followed by the panel, with Halle Berry (who loves being at Comic-Con), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who has been at Comic-Con previously for Watchmen), plus Creator/EP Mickey Fisher and EP Craig Shapiro.

Both Berry and Morgan talked about the rigorous schedule of shooting a television show, with Morgan even noting that doing an episode in eight days over and over is really like not sleeping for 5.5 months. This isn't news, as many television actors speak about the grueling pace, but many keep coming back, so we all know it's truly worth it.

The level of attractiveness the two stars have is undoubtedly a major draw for audiences, and the first audience question brought light to that fact for any of the 4,000+ people in the room who hadn't realized that fact.

Berry came to television "because it is the new frontier" and there are great characters for her "age group and ethnicity" and she can "play great, complicated characters" and hopes to continue doing both TV and movies. In fact, she'd love a Storm movie, and she says that fans need to tell FOX that's what they want! Morgan, beloved for his role on Supernatural, said that his favorite thing about his Extant character is that he's easy to relate to - he asks questions that the audience would ask, but he's also flawed, drinks, and has a failing marriage.

Both actors were asked what they like to do at Comic-Con, but both have to take off pretty quickly this time around. However, Berry did say that she likes to introduce herself to those who cosplay as Storm!

Fisher shared that season two is very accessible for new viewers, so jump in for the ride if you're interested - Wednesdays at 10pm (ET/PT) on NBC!
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