Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick recaps

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I LOVE TV-on-DVD. It's my favorite. I am obsessed with making sure I've seen every episode of shows I love, so I don't miss anything in the overall arc of the series. Because of this, my friends and family often get me seasons of shows I love for birthday and holiday gifts. This past Christmas, I received Full House Season 5, Will & Grace Season 7, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Volume 5. I finished them all last week (slow pace for me, but with the move, I was without a DVD player for two weeks), and had a few thoughts.

One, while a lot happens in that season of Full House (26 episodes), they were all episodes I watched in their original order, so nothing was surprising. Here's the rundown of what happens in those episodes... Michelle starts kindergarten and thinks her dad should marry her teacher, DJ gets her own room/learns to drive/starts dating so Danny starts spying even more than before, Joey becomes Ranger Joe and has his own afternoon television show (and starts dating Danny's sister Wendy who has a pet monkey), Michelle starts tap-dancing while Stephanie joins an elite dance team (and the famous dance sequence to "Motown Philly," Michelle turns five while Becky goes into labor with twins (and Jesse has an emergency appendectomy), Jesse mixes up the twins and they footprint them to tell them apart, Danny gets "Bay Area bachelor of the month" and starts dating but then ends up falling for his new co-host Vicki, Michelle learns to read and ride a bike (and runs away because Jesse gets her in trouble), Stephanie has singer Tommy Page at her birthday, and the Beach Boys allow Jesse to make a music video of "Forever."

In that season of Will & Grace (24 episodes), there are a bunch of blah shows combined with a lot of action. Grace comes to terms with the fact that Leo cheated on her, Jack works with J. Lo then Janet Jackson then OutTV (a new gay network) and gets his own talkshow, Karen does some actual interior design work when Grace freaks out at a client, Will and Vince have some rough times (Vince's best friend doesn't like Will, Will cooks Thanksgiving dinner for Vince's family, Will chooses to console Grace instead of be with Vince, Vince is fired from the force but is afraid to tell Will), Will gets named partner but then quits the firm to become a writer, Will and Grace update their wills, and Will finds out that Stanley is alive.

But I actually started this post to write about TMNT. The twelve episodes on this volume basically cover episodes with "special mutants" such as the frogs, the alligator, the rat king, and the bunny. But what stuck out the most in these episodes were two hilarious scenes... First, the Ninja Turtles put an ad in the paper to Kasey Jones (the hockey-masked vigilante) to get his attention, saying they were going to rob the candy store in the park. So… why didn’t the police see it and come too? LoL. Next... the turtles and Kasey Jones are all tied up. Leonardo finds a saw mounted on the wall with the TEETH STICKING OUT. No lie. So of course, he saws himself free. What are the odds?
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