Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Top Ten Television Crushes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

10. Jesse Spencer.... he plays Dr. Chase on House, MD, and he's the only one on this list which I didn't crush on as a teenager, but instead a twentysomething. But with that hair and the Aussie accent, I can't help but think he's cute.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio... I was in high school when Titanic was big. I wrote a paper on the costumes in Man in the Iron Mask. I loved him in Romeo + Juliet. But before that, this heartthrob first caught my eye as Luke in Growing Pains, playing one of Mike's students. I think it's his eyes that truly capture my fill attention.

8. Lee Thompson Young... He played Jett Jackson in the eponymous show. He made a later appearance in Akeelah and the Bee, and was also in Johnny Tsunami, a Disney Channel original. I love his face... the structure is just beautiful, his skin is lovely, and his smile lights up a room.

7. Jonathan Taylor Thomas... many people would have placed them higher in this list. And although I loved his antics in Home Improvement, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Tom and Huck, Wild America, and Man of the House, I think it's funy he was still doing voices in 2000 (The Tangerine Bear). He's not higher in my mind because, as a fourth-grader, every other girl I knew also crushed on him, and that would ruin my chances... so I decided to focus on hotties I'd have a better chance at actually having to myself, haha.

6. Brian Austin Green... the flaw here is that he's got ten years on me. And although he wasn't as "famous" as Jason Priestly and Luke Perry on Beverly Hills, 90210, I thought he was definitely cuter. And he was so talented (I fall for musicians, what can I say?). He did sleep around though, and that hurt his chances at being my #1 crush.

5. Erik von Detten... not sure that many others really thought he was hott. Most recently he was in Princess Diaries (although that's kinda old now), and the voice of Lawson in Recess (he also was the voice of Sid in Toy Story for that matter). He was also in that junky So Weird that I mentioned last week. But, he attracted me in Brink!, even though he was an airhead, he was an airhead who could skate (and in 1998, skaters were hott). And I've seen that movie at least 25 times (and I don't actually even own it!). Oh, and he was in Escape to Witch Mountain, too.

4. Mark-Paul Gosselaar... first of all, he's only attractive as a blonde. He's also only cute as a young actor. So aside from his roles in Good Morning, Miss Bliss and the later Saved by the Bell (College Years) series, he does nothing for me. But, he fulfilled that desire to want a trickster. And he aged well, from 14 to 20 anyway.

3. Zachery Ty Bryan... he was my preferred crush on Home Improvement, and I could never get enough of his hair. In the final seasons he was pretty much ideal, being a soccer player and all. IMDB shows that he has done a lot since his childhood days, but the only thing I've seen him in is ER, where he played a frat boy who got a pledge drunk or something. He had a great role as First Kid, but that's pretty much the only big thing he aside from playing oldest brother Brad (also a hott name) on Home Improvement for over 200 episodes.

2. Matthew Lawrence... you can see him as a tyke in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and as a young teen in Mrs. Doubtfire. But it was really in Brotherly Love (and a few movies where he starreds alongside his cute brothers Joey and Andy) that he began to shine. His character was easy to like in Angels in the Endzone. As Jack Hunter in the final three seasons of Boy Meets World, he was just adorable. I loved his hair and smile and clothing.

1. Rider Strong... yep. Absolutely adorable. From day 1 on Boy Meets World, I was hooked. His hair was the epitome of beauty to which I judged all other male heads for years. He also had great lips. And lovely eyes. And great lines in the show, for that matter. ;)
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Erin Rohan said...

OMG, Rider looks exactly like my husband did when he was younger! I used to have a crush on him too, funny I never noticed!~