Friday, May 15, 2009

A light week in Television

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

(I watched the Sunday night FOX lineup on Hulu this week)
The Simpsons
: Three stories... Queen Elizabeth, Snow White, Macbeth, Maggie Rourke the architect. Blah blah blah about women and power and brains and beauty. whatever. Macbeth was really out there, but the final monologue was performed rather brilliantly. Lisa does dub Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead "the Bible of right-wing losers."And Maggie "speaks" a bit in the final skit, which is always amusing. And the last scene is utter irony of artistic expression in children. I thought the parodies in the Snow White section were funny (which continued in the closing credits as well).

Family Guy: so for some reason, the majority of the episode was spent doing a parody of Stand By Me, that movie where a bunch of kids find a dead body. Then they did some Misery from Stephen King. And they finished off with some Shawshank Redemption. Crazy. Creepy. Bad. They better not pull this mess again.

American Dad: Francine is dumb at parties, and Stan is afraid that she's holding him back from awesome cocktail parties. Stan tries to teach her a few things by pointing out newspaper headlines. Sidestory: Terry's (one of the gay neighbors) parents (a former football star) is coming for a visit, so he has to pretend he's not gay... and this means dropping the baby off with Francine. Except Francine convinces him to tell his father the truth... but he chickens out and says he and Francine had the baby out of wedlock, while Stan and Greg are "homos from across the street." Join stories: Stan and Greg are out eating when Stan's boss drops by to join them (Greg is a tv personality and easily recognized). Stan gets lost in the gay jokes (much as Francine earlier), and when the boss invites the two of them to a cocktail party, the trio sing "Maria" from West Side Story. The party goes horribly, as Stan confuses Nelson Mandela with Morgan Freeman, and then insults Elie Wiesel.
In a completely separate sidestory, Steve gets Roger to buy him beer to take to a party. He stumbles home drunk, with a truly heinous monsterwoman.
Sidenotes: A)strange 3-second showing of a quartet, becuase the same thing was seen in The Simpsons tonight, but with different backgrounds, players, and song. B) out-of-place Rudy reference closes the episode.

House, M.D.: what a crappy, crappy season finale. I have always been a hater of the "and it was all a dream" crap. It made me really angry at Roseanne, a show which I hated to like, but still ended up seeing nearly every episode, LoL. The patient was lame. The side characters didn't get much of a story, except Chase/Cameron, which I am SO over. And although it's Thursday morning right now, I'm still too angry about the rest of the episode to really make a constructive comment.

How I Met Your Mother: CBS's online version won't play correctly this week. Tried like 7 times. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.

Little People, Big World: missed it due to anniversary dinner.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: off-season

Table for 12: no new episode.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: off-season

Lincoln Heights: off-season

18 Kids and Counting: Josh and Anna celebrate their pregnancy with his cousin Amy and her boyfriend. Now, I dislike Amy, mostly because it seems like she only shows up to get on television, and makes sure to point out every time she's on camera that she doesn't hold to the same values as her uncle and his large family. I actually missed the episode (was at a hotel that didn't get TLC. :().

South Park: off-season

Monk: off-season
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