Friday, May 8, 2009

Past Week

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The Simpsons
: in a crappy parody of Beverly Hills, the Simpsons move to Waverly Hills to attend the better schools. Marge and Homer have to act like they really live in a tiny apartment with a Murphy bed, while the kids suffer their own problems, including pretending to know Alaska Nebraska (obvious play off of Hannah Montana). Luckily, all works out and they go home in the end.
Family Guy: missed it because I was having dinner with a friend who will be returning to Bangladesh for a few months.
American Dad: see previous excuse.

House, M.D.: coulda been better, could been worse. I am among the Huddy/Chuddy fans, and I thought Hugh Laurie did a damn good job of acting as if he was going through narcotic withdrawal. Unfortunately, I am dumbfounded as to how the detox was just one night, but I haven't taken biology in a good seven years. Wilson took the news about House's Amber hallucinations better than I thought he would. I can't understand how creepy Cameron is sometimes... she doesn't deserve Chase. And a grand total of NOTHING was new with Foreman and Thirteen. I found a fantastic montage online, and while it obscures the order of events a tiny bit, it's hott.
How I Met Your Mother: talk about some great writing! Barney was after his 200th conquest, jokes about Robin being pregnant abounded, and Ted talks about being in the right place at the right time. Plus, Marshall is addicted to using charts. So many little details and jokes that make this show amazing. Not sure how I feel about the return of Stella, tho.
Little People, Big World: the twins consider tattoos. Mom says no. Matt thinks back to going overseas. Pumpkin season has some crises. What else is new...
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: off-season
Table for 12: I caught the snow day episode, which was cute. The kids went sledding. I wish they had shown what Rebecca did all afternoon while the other kids were outside. I don't have any favorites yet, and I'm wondering if I will actually come up with any... anyone else have a favorite character/personality on this show yet?
The Secret Life of the American Teenager: off-season
Lincoln Heights: off-season

18 Kids and Counting: Josh and Anna's honeymoon and the settling into their new home. I love them. I kinda wish they'd have their own spin-off, kinda like a look into ultra-conservative, quiverfull young families. But I can't tell how Anna feels about being in the spotlight, so I'm not sure how that'll work. But since she's already carrying baby #1, I guess we'll find out in the coming year. The honeymoon was cute, although I was a little unclear on why they stayed in a four-bedroom house. I also don't know why every single kiss they probably have is caught on camera, LoL. I think it would be nice to buy a car from Josh, he won't screw you over... if I ever know someone living in Arkansas, I'd definitely recommend the Duggar dealerships. Additionally, Anna cooks for the entire family... which would overwhelm me extremely. That's like 21 people (Anna grew up in a family of 8 kids), and doing stuffed shells cost close to $70... I team-cooked for 16 once or twice, and that's good enough for me, LoL.

South Park: off-season. I did watch Season 7, Episode 11 though, since it's about Cafe Bonita in Denver, and I'm planning to eat there next week (watch over here for that review).

Monk: off-season

In not-really-related news, I saw both the Wolverine and StarTrek movies this week. Wolverine was very fascinating to me, mostly because I love character development, and that was most of the film. I also got schooled after the movie, because I was full of questions that others had to answer for me (such as "what happens to Victor, do we see him again?" A: he turns into Sabertooth). I have never seen any movie or television episode of StarTrek previously, and all I really knew about the characters was LeVar Burton was on it, Professor Xavier was on it, and the Captain's name was Kirk. I didn't even know that "beam me up, Scotty" was a command toward a person, I thought it was a phrase of some kind. On the way to the theater, I asked about characters' names, and was promptly informed that while Kirk would be in the movie, LeVar and Professor X are "Next Generation" characters. This completely confused me, since time seems to have no meaning in StarTrek world anyway. Kirk is a real badass, and he's a genius, so that's pretty awesome. The only other thing of note is that I kept having to relate things in the movie to popular culture... like swine flu, Harry Potter, and X-Men.
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