Friday, August 28, 2009

less than a month until real tv starts again!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
: September 27th

Family Guy: September 27th

American Dad: September 27th

How I Met Your Mother: September 21st.

Little People, Big World: October?

Lincoln Heights: September 14th. looking forward to this, and quite glad that it's running opposite dates of Secret Life, since my Mondays are so full as it is!

House, M.D.: September 21st.

Lie to Me: September 21st.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: no new episode this week.

Table for 12: who knows.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Ricky and Adrian doubling with Amy and newboy Mark? AWKWARD. Grace is running and abstinence group? boring. Madison telling Grace to be fun? Out of character, but at least amusing. Madison's fake laugh? even worse. Lauren's parents allow her to wear that much cleavage to school?? I find that ridiculous. And Heather has a crappy attitude. that b!tch. How is Rumer Willis an offspring of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore?? Her face is fugly. Amy's outfits were a bit prudish as well. I don't like Bossy Adrian in bed. Amy's attitude also sucks, especially about her Dad... just because he doesn't live there doesn't mean he's not her father! George's lecture on family was pretty bad though... I definitely wasn't very open to hearing it, and I wasn't even the one being addressed. Griffin has TWO gay older brothers? c'mon now. Amy befriending Heather? A real sign of maturity, but out of character. We'll see more of the adoption process in the future, that's been confirmed... as had the fact that the setting is in California. I'd really like to know if the introduction of the dog was specifically to foreshadow Anne needing emergency help and the dog has to dial the phone. ::eye roll::

Cake Boss: off.

18 Kids and Counting: so I was able to catch the new episode as well as one of the older episodes that I had missed during my July outings. The new episode was half about the Duggars trip to Amish country, and the other half was the beginning of their DC trip. The Amish part was interesting, and several of the less-outspoken kids got to explain what they learned (like the New Amish use electricity while Old Amish use batteries, etc). It was very brief, but still a nice representation of their trip. I can't believe they drove their bus around DC!! I was just there a month ago, and that place is nuts to drive anything in, let alone a gigantic bus! Good gracious. I can't wait to see the next one! Other thoughts... chronologically, we know that this episode is after the Bates' trip. I'm getting kinda tired of Anna's fake laugh...

I also saw the first episode of the Duggars-help-the-Bates-remodel series. I was astounded that there were 18 kids under 10 there when the Wilsons, Duggars, and Bates were staying at that house. Now I understand why there was so much talk about Tori Bates on the internet... she's really the most disrespectful of all the kids I've seen on this show! (except maybe Cousin Amy...) It's also weird that we see Anna's sister (Suzanna) in this episode, yet we don't hear about how she's staying for the summer until last week's episode (which I caught as a rerun over the weekend but I forgot to take notes so I can't comment on it). I'm still missing Duggers in Dixie, and another of the Bates episodes. Originally I thought I was missing Duggars on a Deadline, but now it might be Duggars and Bates Reloaded... I can't seem to find any defining features on either episode, so if you know of any, please inform me so I try to catch the correct ep!

South Park: October 7th.

Glee: September 9th.

Wipeout: I loved the whirly big ball action in the first round. I don't understand why one of the contestants just "jumped off" the platform in the second round... unless she had a medical issue that couldn't be ignored for another three minutes, LoL! The pastor was kind of annoying in the third round, and it took a lot of faith in CursingGirl to let him go first on the triangles! There were some really interesting moves in the Wipeout Zone this time, especially since different parts of the course were the ones causing the contestants trouble. I was kinda weirded out when the one guy couldn't get the gauntlet to match up correctly... usually it's pretty straightforward. At least there were no quitters.

16 and Pregnant
: off-season.

Monk: Monk was more amusing last week, with UFOs and all sorts of people (including Stottlemeyer and Natalie) believing that Monk was from another planet. This week I'm out of town, so I may have to either change the dates of this entry (and run them Fri-Thurs instead of Sun-Sat), or just start planning on posting on Saturdays after I catch the new Monk.

The Goode Family: waiting to be picked up again.

I did catch the finale of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and it was amusing. The kid going for the million practically the entire hour was kinda annoying. But what was worse: the final question asked about LBJ's beverage favorites... aside from coffee, tea, and Coke, what would he get? apparently it was Fresca, not yoo-hoo or root beer or v8. When Meredith Viera came out as the celebrity contestant of the night, then sprung it on Regis that HE'D be the one playing, he was either truly surprised, or this was one of the very best acting jobs I've ever seen.

My husband and I are also watching Joey in the evenings. We are big Friends fans (he was long before I was), and we were curious as to how the spin-off didn't even last two seasons. We've seen nine episodes now, and they're kinda hit-or-miss. Joey lives in LA with his nephew, Michael. Michael's mother/Joey's sister is over often, and they have a friendly neighbor (Alex) who is also over often. The storylines are generally about Michael being an overprotected genius or Joey trying to get acting gigs. So far the best two episodes were the one where Joey is understudying three shows at once, and the one where they go to Vegas. Crappy episodes include the one with Joey in a book club, and the one where Alex's husband is not jealous of Joey. It's not magical, but it's not bad... I'll continue to report over the next several weeks as we watch all of the episodes.
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