Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well, Monk's back.

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
: September 27th

Family Guy: September 27th

American Dad: September 27th

How I Met Your Mother: September 21st.

Little People, Big World: October?

Lincoln Heights: September 14th

House, M.D.: September 21st.

Lie to Me: September 21st.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: it came on this past week and I only caught the second half of the second episode. It caught me by surprise for some reason. Kate and the kids made s'mores, and it was fairly un-entertaining. I am excited about how much more "the six" talk now (and they should, they're FIVE), so it should make for some upcoming fun. Still, Berks County is only like 90 minutes from me, so perhaps I'll see them some random day at a store or a park.

Table for 12: who knows.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: First of all, I'm pissed that there were NO "summer episodes." They totally could have done at least one non-interacting episode, showing George and Ashley on the road, Anne working on her new engagement, Amy hating school and work, Ricky working on his apartment and working in the butcher shop, Ben in a hotel overseas, Grace and Jason at medical camp, Jack at football camp, etc. Not sure what Adrian would have done, but that's not really a problem... put her in a bikini and throw her by the pool and we're good to go. I think the Alice/Henry storyline has moved to annoying. I don't like the George/Anne situation. The Amy/car scenario is downright confusing. And I think America agrees with me in stating that the Grace/Jason/touching thing has already gotten out of control. What did Madison and Lauren do all summer, besides have no boyfriends??

Cake Boss: Toy cake & Beach cake: I really get concerned sometimes with the fast-paced consultations that Buddy does. I mean, I assume that there is more than what is taped, but still. I thought it was funny that the girls wanted a group trainer, LoL. I also am curious about how sometimes the human figures are much more lifelike than other times... like is it dependent upon how much time is put in? Who is doing it? What the figures have to be wearing/doing? And LMAO on the guys going for "lighter pastries" instead of a different snack entirely. I liked the side story of the weight loss contest... it always amazes me when people lose 7-10-15 pounds in a single week! Crazy.
Bridal Shower, Breathing Fire cakes: "I don't do cakes that spit fire" um, what? Remember that firefighter's cake? you do too. All of the romances that have come together through the bakery was cute, and amazing!! I thought the end result of the Jewelry cake was kinda boring. I thought it had too many extraneous items, but the bride-to-be liked it! HOWEVER, people at the shower not believing it was all edible was strange... many of them were family! They should know better!
Chinese Cake & Cannolis: I loved the "Are you the liar or are you the liar" comment. :) Rice Krispie dragon heads... ummm... I want to make those! The play-by-play of how to make a checkerboard cake was also awesome. Do cannolis in lard... um, ok. I agree that the dragon heads were much larger than originally planned, but they looked so good, Buddy could have been more excited..

18 Kids and Counting: missed it. again. after convincing my sister it is worth watching. And I can't find the episodes anywhere on the internet. Anyone?

South Park: October 7th.

Glee: September 16th.

Wipeout:"Fallstars" from other episodes. haha, great idea. Super Stu was funny, especially on the trapeze. Asian Seal was my favorite last season, and I'm sorry to see she didn't use the same technique on the Big Balls this time. I thought the pink bikini was funny, as was watching Big Balls wipeouts all in a row. The girl who just ran around the course was crazy. I was sad that Asian Seal couldn't make it up onto the final platform in time, she was SOclose!

16 and Pregnant
: off-season.

Monk: For a season opener, not the best. Not even very memorable, as I had to stop and ask myself what it was about less than 24 hours after watching it. I didn't really care for the "Cooper Clan" and the "shuckydarns" plus the crime wasn't super-duper creative. I was surprised that Monk was such a fan without ever seeing reruns.

The Goode Family: I thought it was funny that "the board" holds enough clout that as soon as Helen made it up there, she had more volunteers than ever needed. I never quite figured out what drug was being smuggled in the 2-liter bottles, but I guess it doesn't matter. I don't understand how they couldn't tell that it was heavier/full/etc. tho. I'm angry they didn't do the eco-cruise, yet shocked at how cheap it appeared to be.... Gerald spent "all" the money on adopting the highway, but the highway was only $1,000.... a 5- or 6-day cruise for 4 people has got to be more than that, even if it is only to yell at fishermen or whatever...

Let's not forget that Regis is back, so I may hit up some Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the first show that my now-husband and I ever got into.
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