Saturday, August 1, 2009

So I haven't really watched TV in two weeks...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

... hence why I haven't done any reviews. but I caught a few things, so at least there's something to read...


The Simpsons
: September 27th

Family Guy: September 27th

The Cleveland Show: September 27th

American Dad: September 27th

How I Met Your Mother: September 21st.

Little People, Big World: October?

House, M.D.: September 21st.

Lie to Me: September 21st.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: Monday, I believe.

Table for 12: who knows.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: I caught up on the most recent two episodes and had a few comments. First of all, when has there ever been a show with four kids who've lost parents? This makes me think that Grace's dad was destined to die from the conception of the show. But why?? And what's up with Jack wanting to talk about death and mourning so much all of a sudden? Unless he had something to do with his parent's death... kinda like Valerie on 90210... now THAT would be entertaining... Next, I was heart-touched with Ricky's performance when Sausage King offers him the apartment over the shop. That was just fantastic. I laughed and laughed at Anne and the "green" house. For crying out loud, how long is this mess going to go on? Get over the "green," people. And while I've known that the creator of this show is the same as the one for 7th Heaven, I often don't equate the shows very directly. However, at this point, it just plain amuses me... like I wonder if they were meant to be carbon opposites... Okay, now let's gripe about the school. How did Amy not know that "incompletes" were coming? If she didn't make up the work, she knows it, and that's all there is to it. Duh. And WTF is pre-pre-med? And what do you do at a camp like that? Microbiology and organic chemistry? And since when are your parents allowed to fill out applications FOR YOU?? They can help you understand the questions, but writing essays or even short answer responses are out of the question. There's no way Grace should have been allowed to go into that program. I'm actually still quite angry about that. Speaking of which, why the hell is everyone going to the guidance office on the last day of school?? If they really wanted to write off Counselor's character, there must have been an easier and more logical way for him to say goodbye... like maybe an end-of-the-year assembly where he talks about drunk driving and summer reading and college planning? And about summer... why the hell would Grace's mom say "just do whatever you want this summer" to her daughter? I mean, I understand that she's arguably the "most innocent" female on the show, but c'mon now. Be smart. Speaking of dumb, what happened to the kid Jack was mentoring? Was his required time up so he quit? And why is Adrian so upset that Baby John is going to be staying the night with Ricky during the first overnight in the apartment? I think it's important for Ricky to realize exactly what he's planning to do and all. Final thoughts: although I never saw Sopranos, I can easily imagine Ben's dad as a mafia boss, LoL. AND, why was Adrian freaking out about eating a meal with her parents?? AND, when would George have gotten a chance to blab about Adrian's offer regarding the house?!?

Cake Boss: I think I've missed like three of these now. :( But I'm working on it. Next week, hopefully I'll be all caught up.

18 Kids and Counting: I have missed 3 or 4 of these now, and I'm really sad about it.

Lincoln Heights: August 4th

South Park: October 7th.

Glee: September 16th.

Wipeout: I actually went to watch it this week, but it was a repeat! They showed The Moose Episode again.

16 and Pregnant
: finale for season 1... nothing interesting about Farrah. I don't like the way Maci was covering for Ryan's every response. Amber's really into condoms now, so that's good. Kinda funny, I thought. Ebony and Josh got married, and since they were my favorites, that was cute. Catelynn keeps getting praised for being able to give up her daughter for adoption against her family's wishes... whatever. I hate to break it to people, but it really isn't that hard to go against your parents, especially when you know you're making the right decisions. Whitney's baby is sick, which brings up an interesting issue for the show, since it really didn't shed light on premature babies or other medical issues which happen. Her baby won't be able to play sports when he gets older, and will quickly get emphysema if he starts to smoke. He also won't be able to drink (his issue is a deficiency that affects the liver). Weston needs to get a life, tho. No friends at all is sh!tty.
The timelines finally make sense (months where people were pregnant, etc.) since there are 8-month old babies and 5-week old babies which all had episodes airing over a 6-week period (so when the first episode aired, Carly wasn't even born yet!!!). I liked hearing that Farrah gave breastfeeding a shot (and another girl considered it but got frightened out of it), and that Ebony quit after just two weeks. As was mentioned on the show, I think breastfeeding gets glamorized when it really kinda sucks.

Monk: August 7th!!

The Goode Family: worst episode of the series so far! it just looked at public radio and junk. I really have no positive comments, and the negative ones eat up pretty much every aspect of the episode. I hope this isn't a sign that they're running out of topics already!
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