Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The New Stuff

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I came across a nice compilation of Fall start dates, and figured it would do my readers good to take a look as well. Why? Because I want to hear from you! What do you want to read about? Do you want commentaries, summaries, spoilers? As my current Monday series is coming to a close (less than 10 ideas sitting around, probably less than 5 to actually be finished and published), something new is gonna start up!

For a full rundown of the options, check out: this site.

Notable things I didn't know about:
King of the Hill isn't technically over... the finale will air 8-9pm this Sunday the 13th.
Lincoln Heights is considering itself to be in its 4th season... um, how?
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not only still running, but apparently in the 5th season??
Dancing with the Stars, Heroes, and House, MD all are running the 8-9pm slot on Monday this fall... this is gonna be rough competition (and this isn't counting the 8-9 How I Met Your Mother / Accidentally on Purpose combo on CBS).
NCIS is running back-to-back series on Tuesday nights now, adding in the LA edition.
The New Adventures of Old Christine is in its 5th season... I think I only even heard about it last season! maaaaaaybe the season before. maybe.
I'm considering keeping ABC as my Wednesday night channel, if Modern Family and Cougar Town work out.
Rita Rocks, starring Holly from King of Queens is a young show! When I caught it late-night Lifetime last year, I assumed it was an older show. Now I come to find out that it's only just about to start a 2nd season on Monday, October 5th. Mondays are too packed for me to add it to regular rotation, but the 7:30pm timeslot is still strange, even for Lifetime.
I thought that Tosh.0 was going on last year... if this seriously is the first season premiere coming up, they've been advertising for a helluva long time.
The Simpsons on Ice special is currently slotted for January 14th, 2010. Strange, since that's a Thursday.
Kendra got renewed... really?!?
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