Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Shows are Coming to a Close!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Yep, I've changed the dates this post runs. I had to. I was never catching Monk live, LoL.


Monk: Monk looks just like a hitman, so when the hitman has an accidental death, he must fill in. He took the role uber-seriously, and that was kinda crazy. Otherwise, it really wasn't that great of an episode. bleh.

The Goode Family: waiting to be picked up again.


The Simpsons
: September 27th

Family Guy: September 27th

American Dad: September 27th

How I Met Your Mother: September 21st.

Little People, Big World: October?

Lincoln Heights: September 14th.

House, M.D.: September 21st.

Lie to Me: September 21st.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: loved how much Alexis and Leah talk now! Kate's pink cowgirl outfit was annoying. the dude ranch just wasn't that intriguing, and while I bet it was a great trip for the boys, it wasn't an interesting trip for me.

Table for 12: who knows?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: George built Ashley a new room. Amy's jealous... anyone not see that coming? I don't like that all of the arcs were about moving... Betty, Adrian, and the Juergens? geez. I'm surprised Tom didn't lobby for his girlfriend to move into their house! Grace's dad has been dead 5 months? I guess it happened in April? I totally thought it was closer to the end of the school year, since people kept telling her she didn't have to go back until the next year... They named the dog "moose" ??? hahaha, "I forgot your mother and I are divorced." What in the hell do you do with a pogo stick besides jump on it?!? Once again, Ricky is a shining star, and had a great moment with Adrian when he wanted to have sex. Ashley's attire in this episode sucks... it's really boring and very I-wanna-be-a-whore, without having the curves to pull it off. Next week is the half-season finale!

Cake Boss: off.

18 Kids and Counting: Duggars in Washington, DC again. They started with like a minute in the Capitol, then over to the Jefferson Memorial. They saw the Marine 1 helicopter go over, that was neat. They were really noticed there, so they were rushed to move along. Then it was on to feed the needy... but Jim Bob said he didn't have much experience cooking... like he wasn't sure how to do up some chicken, peppers, and onions... Anna kinda headed up the clothing order-filling. That was interesting, since I never knew how this kinda thing worked. Also, an announcement was made that the Duggars bought all the ingredients... but at another point the head chef said that they get so many donations that they're picky about what they use to cook with... that's a strange statement. It was amusing to watch them use the DC Metro system. I'll vouch that it's not the easiest, but I can't imagine the complications of dealing with and holding that many cards!! oh my gosh!! Leave it to Jessa to figure it all out. The Ethiopian place (Dukem) seemed to be a strange experience for ALL the kids... none of them seemed too excited about it.

I'd love an episode where they showcase a few kids (like 4?) at a time, and show pictures of them growing up. Like I wonder how many of the older girls looked like Joy Anna when they were little.

I'm sure that I caught "Duggars on a Deadline" tonight, and it seems for sure the one I saw last time. So now I KNOW I'm missing "Duggars in Dixie" and "Duggars and Bates Reloaded"

South Park: October 7th.

Glee: September 9th.

Wipeout: loved the first contestant (Andrea) going through the tipsy towers. hahaha. That Brush Rush looks really difficult... like I don't even have a strategy!! Anya was pretty freaking fast! holy mackeral she killed that first course in 2:01!! SuperBoy killed it in 1:45 AND made it all the way through the tipsy towers! what was up with the ninja kid?? Chelsea did the tipsy towers like some sort of giraffe, but it worked! Round 2 was interesting, the wipeouts were funny. I'm glad the final spot went to Volleyball Coach, I liked her. Jeff would've been a good candidate (the screenwriter), but he made dumb mistakes. I had never seen all the participants so close together than the first & second time they were running #3!! geez! Ninjetta was funny on the spinning, but I didn't care for her grunting. No big items in the Wipeout Zone, but I'm glad ninjetta didn't win, haha.

16 and Pregnant
: off-season.

We hit Joey really hard and finished up the entire series (2 seasons). It definitely began to decline in the second season, and it also became really easy to see how the network struggled to gain/maintain a fanbase for the show. I'll be featuring it as my next Monday series (shows canceled before their time), which won't publish until the Monday after Labor Day (heading on a mini vacay, you can read about that sometime soon on the other blog).
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