Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top 10 TV Cars

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

There's a bunch of posts going around the internet about the top ten clunkers on television, so since that was taken I figured I'd give a go at the best cars.

10. The General Lee on The Dukes of Hazzard. All kinds of stunts. Lots of speeding. But getting in and out of the car through the windows is a pain, so that's why he's up at 10.
9. The A-Team's GMC van. Famous for busting through to save the day. Bulky, tho.
8. Matt's Camaro on 7th Heaven. The only car on this list I couldn't get a photo of. Annie, Mary, and Lucy fixed it up. Mary and Matt got a flat tire in it. Annie and Matt were held up in it. Theresa stole it. Simon drove it later. That car got a lot of use, and it was a great car to pick up girls in. Somehow, I just can't get a photo of it!

7. Kitt the Trans Am on Knight Rider. Um, it talks. Done deal.
6. Mach 5 on Speed Racer. The first of three animated vehicles to make my list. Definitely a smooth-looking vehicle. Crazy fast. And all the neat tricks it can do are awesome.
5. Mustang on Full House. Danny drove it. Jesse drove it. DJ learned to drive in it. Joey drove it. It's in the opener for years. Stephanie drives it through the kitchen. Danny stands in front of it in some openers. Jesse's all over it in another.
4. Joey's convertible on Joey. Baby blue, top always down. Joey sped through the streets of LA up until he got his cool yellow semi (no photo available). Actually, the episode where he has to deal with the rental car he never returned was also a classic...
4. George Jetson's space car. Um, duh this made the list. How cool must it be to just zip around? Or to have a clear glass bubble for a roof?
2. Homer Simpson's designer car. This was supersweet in the Simpson's Road Rage game, and thus totally deserves a prominent placement here.
1. Steve's Corvette on Beverly Hills, 90210. Famous for the license plate "I8A4RE" among other things, Steve drove this bad boy up and down LA and the surrounding areas for most of the series (until he and Janet needed something more practical for the baby). Actor Ian Ziering loved the car, although he wasn't allowed to drive it long distances after the first three or four seasons (he let the others drive it off-set or something). I'm only sorry I couldn't get a better shot of that forever-present car!
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