Friday, November 20, 2009

More Holidays = Less TV

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk: missed it.


The Simpsons
(S21E05): "I do not have the hots for my mom"... what exactly happened to make Bart have to write this??!? Loved that modified The Italian Job sequence. A cookie sale to raise money for childhood obesity?? "pop goes the chupacabra" was my favorite line of the night. "I heard your pants ain't hiring cuz your butt won't quit" is ridiculous. The boat in Homer's mind was disturbing. The first three quarters of the episode were pretty good, old-school Simpsons fun. But the last bit was not, LoL.

Family Guy (S08S06): I've decided that the Griffin family spends entirely too much time in front of the television. Not sure why I never noticed this before. Funny play on foreign news with the British guy on the ham radio. LMAO on Quagmire knowing that Peter was talking to Ronald Reagan. Clone Stewie was strange... reminded me of the "bad dupe" from Multiplicity. Vibrating pacifier was creepy. The jaw and the eye were gross, and that's all I have to say about that. And Quagmire's final lines were enough to make me drop this show. But I don't think I will... yet.

How I Met Your Mother:

House, M.D. (S06E08): not gonna lie, I am totally losing interest in this show. House popping up in Taub's office or Thirteen's gym was semi-amusing. Intriguing idea that you can't be a porn producer and get a liver transplant... not really that interested, so I have nothing more to say about this episode, LoL.

Little People, Big World (S05E11): um, dang. I couldn't believe the opening argument with Matt & Amy. :( the way Jacob and Zach play is SO rough sometimes... I mean, I know they're siblings and they're boys and all... but shooting someone in the FACE with a BB gun is uncalled for. Molly really has opened up a lot this season, she talks a lot more, both in the interviews and when the cameras are on around her. The twins didn't seem too happy that the dad was in Hawaii for their 19th birthday. More on discontinuity... it's Mother's Day in this episode, so it's May now... Kiteboarding!! man that's cool! too bad the wind wasn't there... that really would've been AWESOME to watch! TLC really seems to be into camping... this is seriously like the 4th show to feature an episode on it. If Buddy does a camping-themed cake next week, that'll be the last straw, LoL. I think it's really strange that Matt went to Hawaii after making a big stink a few weeks ago that Amy is the one who wants to do a lot of traveling and he wants to sit around the farm. Zach's little flashlight trickery to give Amy her Mother's Day gifts was really sweet & funny.

(S05E12) omg Molly said "pwn" outloud. This may be like the second time EVER I've heard it spoken. geez! Sign Language is a really difficult thing to help someone study for if you don't know anything about it... like there was no cheat sheet on Zach's study sheet. I remember jotting down descriptions of how the signs were done so I could study when I took Sign Language in undergrad. LoL on the math issue being the exponents of i. Matt: "how do you have time to go to the gym when your homework isn't done?" Jeremy: "six words. er, letters. S-E-N-I-O-R." Matt: "does someone make sure they do their homework?" a) bad attitude on Jeremy's part. b) what's with "someone" ? If Matt's not doing it, he should ask Amy directly, because those are the only two people who matter in this equation. I like how Amy continues to hit the college thing hard with the kids... her and Matt both know that the kids aren't doing that well, but she keeps bringing them to colleges, having them talk with admissions representatives, the whole shebang. I can totally relate to the Molly-gets-a-B+-and-mom-freaks-out moment. It happens. It's not the end of the world. And in Molly's case, it was only halfway through the term, so a B+ can easily become an A- if not an A. woopty-freaking-doo. Now, the fact that Zach apparently used to get really good grades and now isn't even academically eligible to play soccer could be a concerning factor that his younger sister could head down the same road. But Molly is very well aware of how Zach is troubled these days, and I really don't think there's any reason to panic. Wait, now it's six weeks later in the SAME episode? Geez, throw the timeline out the window on this show, LoL.

still missing "Downhill Dwarf" and "Game Over"

Jon and Kate Plus Eight (S05E21): LoL, Mady hated a lot of jumping jacks when she was three, but Cara loved it, LoL. um... Kate was looking awful large up top in the gymnasium. I'm really curious as to how long the paparazzi will follow the Gosselins around... I mean, when will they lose their appeal to the masses? It was funny that the kids asked if the mascot ever blinked, LMAO. I LOVE that Joel loved baseball. I really appreciate individual interests in multiples. I think it's funny that all those girls came up to Jon and wanted their photos with him. I thought it was nice that the episode was dedicated to Nana Janet... I had read about her passing a couple weeks ago.

(S05E22) Wow, they were going to go to Korea?!? Dang that's a big bill!! Kate mentions there were problems in February, and that they all kept quiet about where they might be going to keep the lurkers away. I'm actually surprised that I hadn't heard about the possibility of a Korea trip, since Jon did say it aloud in the AAA office. I wonder why "Jon didn't want the kids to go" to Korea...? The obstacle course was really cute. I was surprised that the kids couldn't really jump rope... I certainly distinctly remember being able to do it by the time I hit kindergarten. People seriously wait in line for 12 HOURS to see Kate for 20 seconds?? She's not Springsteen, people. Every once in a while Kate reminds me of one of my aunts, and this episode had a moment like that, LoL. WOW Kate was ballsy in making that announcement for the Ronald McDonald House that Jon was not taking part in making and serving the dinner. DANG.

Cake Boss (S02E06): I want to go to Carlo's so badly. I just have no other reason to drive all the way to Hoboken! LoL. It's only an hour and fifteen minutes, so maybe I can convince my husband to take me there for my birthday... we can get cupcakes or something. :) (actually, I can TELL you now he'd get a cannoli. guaranteed.) That talking Alfie was super neat. I often wonder how Buddy and the crew decide how big to make the cakes... sometimes the customer mentions how many people it needs to feed, but sometimes they don't... yet the cakes are similar in overall size most of the time. That doesn't really seem to work out to me. lmao with high school wrestling being all that similar to cage fighting, hahaha. I loved the tape they made! so cute. the legs of that dragon done in cereal treats was AMAZING. The guys training for the match was funny. I hate that the girls are such b!tches in this family... I can't believe they re-did the tape of the alphabet! Thank goodness that they didn't tape over the original!! I couldn't believe how realistic the final product of the dragon was!! But, speaking of which, that cake was GIGANTIC in the end... I mean, I understand that it's an imitation, but the size was just immense... did they really eat all of that??

18 Kids and Counting (S03E23): I loved that Joy had her interview with wet hair, LoL. How "Duggar" hehe. I was impressed with how detailed her daily expectations were... I am curious as to who in the family puts that together and which kids have them (I imagine the older six or so don't have them since they kinda have the same expectations and routines day-to-day). Poor Joy climbing in flip flops! I was really surprised that she didn't go all the way up. I do love that JimBob really does a lot of the activities with the kids, LoL. Why was figuring out the message on Joy's cake so difficult for Jill and Amy, LoL? When they showed the list of players on the teams, it listed a "Jonathan" on the right-hand side... who is that?? One lovey shot of Josh and Anna... and then they showed up both in orange... but I appreciate not waking up the baby or anything to get her on camera again.

list of missing: "Duggars in Dixie," "Duggar on a Diet"

Table for 12:

still missing the two eps "hit the deck" and "ramp it up"

South Park (S13E14): LoL, "Pipi's Splashtown." Cartman's racism in this one bothered me. Usually I just take it with a grain of salt, but the "too many minorities" song was too much. "this is more math than I've ever seen you do" haha. hahahahhahahaha on the 83% pee is acceptable in waterparks. And all the math kept getting funnier. The water certainly began looking greener after a while! Definitely not the most sanitary episode... "it was almost all p, no H." Poor little Kyle... had to drink the pee... :( and the banana at the end was funny.

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Off season:
Wipeout (got renewed for summer 2010 and it's already filming with a NEW set. yay!)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (January 2010)
The Goode Family (January 2010)
Lincoln Heights
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