Monday, December 7, 2009

Favorite Christmas Episodes, Part II

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

: ''The Strike.'' (1993) It might as well be titled "Festivus" as that's what everyone remembers this one as. Elaine is busy trying to get a frequent-buyer sub card back from a guy she gave a fake number to. George is trying to hide the fact that his family celebrates a unique winter holiday, and Kramer takes an avid interest in bringing back Festivus. Kramer's bagel union stops striking after twelve years so Kramer goes back to work. PLUS, George gets out of spending money on office Christmas gifts by making donations to a fake charity... which works out until the boss wants to donate, too! oh, and Jerry's dating a girl who has a beautiful side and an ugly side. The included clip shows the Festivus celebration among other things.

Family Guy: ''A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas.'' (2001) This episode looks a lot earlier on than it was. Lois is completely in the Christmas spirit, but Peter isn't, really. She eventually gets him to do some of the Christmas chores, but he goes overboard and messes things up. Meanwhile, there's a funny sidestory about KISS saving Santa. Stewie tries to figure out how Santa can watch all of the children in the whole world at once. To make things worse, Brian burns down the living room and kitchen. Lois eventually goes crazy and the family is left at a loss... which leaves Peter to fix everything and he actually manages to. I believe the whole episode is embedded below. [originally I embedded the scene where Peter is trying to park the car, but the video has since been removed.]

Boy Meets World: "Family Trees." It's hard to tell this is a Christmas episode, but there is a Santa and wreaths and things at one point. Shawn finds out Verna wasn't his mom, and that sets him off in a world of lost. He tries hard to find other family members online. It's Alan's birthday and the family is trying to plan a surprise party. In the end, Alan offers to adopt Shawn formally.

Step by Step: "Christmas Story." (1993) Cody decorates his van and the yard, using Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and Alex Trebek as the wisemen, haha. Don Knotts plays a policeman when Frank and Carol are out at the toy store in the wee hours of Christmas morning. While the second half has some funny lines, the first half is more all-encompassing.

The Jeffersons: "The Christmas Wedding." (1976) Lionel and Jenny are having all kinds of problems planning their wedding... no thanks to their feuding fathers. So, Louise and Helen stage a wedding rehearsal in the living room... only it's the real thing!
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