Friday, December 4, 2009

almost caught up!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk: missed it. and this week is the final episode... which will be lost to me if I don't see the most recent one since it's a "part II"

The Dog one (S08E11)... it was okay. but who in their right mind takes 5 dogs?? and I never did understand why the guy buried the lady... was it really just about covering up the extra-martial affair?
Mr. Monk as the Best Man (S08E13)... Mr. Monk ruining the surprise was hil-freaking-larious. I can't believe she took a peak. why such a quick engagement? Monk holding the ring in his clenched fist at all times was sooooo Monk. who the hell gets married in ten days?!?!? And his bachelor party was a riot. Damn, I would've wanted a pinata at my bachelorette party. Betting on what heaven smells like was funny, too. Randy is pretty impressive on the steel drums! The unraveling of the plot was really long and complex.
The Badge one (S08E14)... the start was rough. It was delightful watching Monk get ready on the first day. The one cop keeping Monk's hand-wiping tissue was creepy. Working for a music promoter is so different than working for Mr. Monk, it was easy to see that she would be uncomfortable.


The Simpsons
(S21E07): the opening part about the Bop-It was pretty funny. "why do my actions have consequences" was also pretty funny. And why was there a (sad) Bambi scene? OMG dipping opossums is freaky. I laughed at the bowling in the snow. the "which craft" was also semi-humorous. Cornell and Dartmouth counting Wiccans as a minority group was interesting, as was Ned Flanders commenting about how Buddhism leads to Wiccans. LMAO Stacy/Gwendolyn's last name was DeathSatan and she changed it to NightShadow. The blind fish was also amusing.

Family Guy (S08E08): "special" is getting (mis)used too often lately. The sleep-dragging was freaky. The Windows 7 plug was strangely out-of-place. I feel like the maid thing on this show has been done before... no? If there's a number in the paper and Brian goes to call it, they should at least show him attempting to dial the correct number sequence. Why would Stewie admit so soon that he saw Brian bury the dog? I would think his character would have more fun with that knowledge. The feline AIDS thing was confusing...
Left at 9:12 for a movie...

How I Met Your Mother: all caught up!
"Playbook" (S05E08): the names were almost as funny as the Canadian sex positions. I love that Lily is playing Barney with the playbook. And let's review just hot hott NPH is. omg I love him. And now that he's on Twitter, I get daily doses! :) The end was realllly funny, with the run-down of "The Scuba Diver" play.

"Slapsgiving 2" (S05E09): LoL, Marshall forgot the turkey in the taxi. And he gives Robin and Ted a slap as the reward for finding the turkey. awesome. How can someone be THAT bad at creating board games?? I love how storylines get the sideline and ACTUALLY COME BACK in this show!! yay!! Lily's look when she makes people "dead to her" is amusing. haha, Marshall skyped into his parents' Thanksgiving. Ted's ploy to get the slap by saying he was still in love with Robin was jaw-dropping. the puns on "slap(s)" were amazing... for those are into corny, LoL. But, it WAS a Thanksgiving episode, haha. "Gall bladder burst" was disgusting. I loved the dress Lily worse to Thanksgiving. The trade-offs of the slap at the end made me laugh. Silly Marshall and his attempts at teaching the group life lessons.

House, M.D. (S06E10): funny opening with the guitar. It's nice that Wilson talks to his former patients on and off for years. I liked how Wilson went to House's team and they were all over trying to make House $100 poorer. Strange that House was willing to help Wilson get a liver for that patient. And also a funny line by Wilson over "how do you get a phone call that your brother's dead and then leave the house? does that remind you all-of-a-sudden that you need to pick up dry cleaning?" I was dumbfounded in the end when Wilson was willing to outbid Cuddy so that she wouldn't get to move in with Lucas as quickly as she had planned. Really? That's sooo House. :(

Little People, Big World (S05E13): strange they wanted to do a dude ranch... Jon and Kate totally did that, LoL. I like Jeremy's narration a lot... I've been thinking about it over the past few episodes, but now I'm sure. He just does it really well. When you go on vacation, even as like a teenager, wouldn't you remember your wallet... and ergo your driver's license?? It was a fun vacation for most of the family.

(S05E14) I really don't understand why Matt keeps leaving vacations early. :( I thought it was interesting that he blamed it on the fact that he was "holding the family back." It looked like the kids and Amy were just having such a good time!! I'm sad that Amy is really struggling in her marriage, and that (like Jon and Kate Gosselin) it's being broadcast on national television. At least they don't have the paparazzi problems.

still missing "Downhill Dwarf" and "Game Over"

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life."

There have been a lot of articles on the internet both sad and happy that this show has ended. But the one I think is most interesting comes from TV Squad where the author basically calls it "Satan's favorite show" and "pure evil." A few days prior, another author on the same site spoke about how the show was really picking up... the kids were forming their own personalities, for instance. I don't agree that the Korean aspect made the show any better than any of the other TLC shows featuring big families.

Cake Boss (S02E09): there's a competitive eating SEASON?!? The Coney Island snake charmer was also over-the-top. Both cakes were neat, but the funny parts of the episode were the girls arguing about who would make Thanksgiving dinner, and the guys trying to out-eat the professionals in cake.

Now missing "Pizza, Poochies, and Pop-in-law" and "Golf Greens and Gravity"

18 Kids and Counting (S03E25): Michelle was looking nice in the interviews today... maybe a new hairstyle or something. wow this is a recent episode if the place is already decked for Christmas! And it had an amaaaazing ceiling. It weirds me out when people make comments like "I can't imagine having one child" ...really? just one? you can't imagine that at all?

list of missing: "Duggars in Dixie," "Duggar on a Diet," "GrandDuggar: First Month"

Table for 12 (S02E09): I genuinely love this family! The interaction and the love and the parenting and the family skills... so nice. I think it's interesting that the little kids don't realize that Rebecca is the same age as them. I liked that they got a bus that allowed for Rebecca to stay in her chair, I'm sure that'll make trips a lot easier for the family. And the fact that the older boys are so into using big words is just something I adore, regardless of whether they're trying to sound smart for tv or not.

(S02E10) It was funny to watch Mom and Dad think of things that Meghan was into. This episode is obviously before the fifth birthday one, so why did it air after? ahhhh. The look on Tara's face after one of the big kids took a bite of her grilled cheese sandwich was priceless.

missing the eps "hit the deck," "ramp it up," "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself"

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Off season:
Wipeout (summer 2010)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (January 2010)
The Goode Family (January 2010)
Lincoln Heights (no information available at this time)
South Park (two more seasons are contracted, no start date yet for season 14)
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