Monday, December 21, 2009

Final Five Christmas Episodes!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Tiny Toon Adventures
: "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special." (1992) It has a unique adaptation of the classic theme song. The characters are putting on a show, and there's a bunch of jokes about other television hits at the time (like Full House and Family Matters). They spoof carols, stories, celebrities, and It's a Wonderful Life, among other things.
This is the opening clip. Maybe not the funniest part of the special, but it includes the theme song, LoL. You can watch all three parts by the same member, so go ahead if you have twenty-two minutes. It's a decent time, haha.

Saved by the Bell: "A Home for Christmas." This used to run all the time... the gang meets a homeless girl named Laura, who works at the mall with Kelly. She gets accused of shoplifting a gift for her father, and then runs away. This clip shows the group finding her and bringing her and her dad back to the Morris house for Christmas.

ER: "All About Christmas Eve." (2005) Abby tells Luka that she is pregnant. Haleh is having auditions to sing. Pratt does a "scared straight" thing for kids after a girl is shot and killed by a random bullet. There's a rude Santa who insults people, and once he turns his anger on a group of blind children, Eve gets violent, and subsequently fired. Sam takes Alex to visit his dad in prison. I wish I had the Eve clip, but this one has the Abby storyline (including her audition with "Silent Night" LoL).

Full House: "Our Very First Christmas Show." (1988) The Tanners are headed to Colorado for the "First Annual Tanner Christmas Reunion" (which never happens again in the series). Stephanie is afraid that Santa won't find her. Due to inclement weather, it turns out the family is stuck at the airport for Christmas Eve. The 1988 laptop is also very interesting, haha (although there is one point where the guys are looking at it... sorta invasion-of-privacy-style, LoL). Between that and Zack's cell phone above, it's rather ridiculous to remember the history of technology, LoL. Jesse has a great little speech in there, too.

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: "Deck the Halls." (1990) Ashley is spending her Christmas vacation doing educational things, Carlton is rehearsing with his a capella group, Hilary is spending extravagant amounts on celebrities, and Will is trying to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Vivian allows Will to help Ashley decorate the tree, but the designer items that the Banks' had in mind aren't what Will decides to use. The neighbors get furious at the "K-Mart" look of the exterior, and demand everything be taken down. Even Holyfield shows up to take on Will. Then, the house wins a kids' pick award, but it isn't until the PRESIDENT shows up that they realize that it isn't really hurting anybody. I can't get it to embed, but you can watch the episode in its entirety here.

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