Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Eps!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Christmas and New Year's are really close together. So, I had to really think about what shows to include for this set of New Year's episodes, since I only have 5 slots. Hope you like them!

How I Met Your Mother: "The Limo." Ted is obsessed with having the best New Year's ever, and rents a limo for the gang to use around NYC for the night. Barney has made the ultimate mix tape. Marshall and Lily risk not being together at midnight. The group wants to hit five parties in three hours, but one thing after another attacks their plans, and they ring in the New Year in the limo. Oh, and Ranjit is the chauffeur, hehe.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Boy Meets World: "Train of Fools." Transportation goes haywire and the gang gets stuck on the subway on New Year's Eve. Eric has a date with a supermodel. There's a woman in labor. Cory, Topanga, and Shawn throw a party in the train car. It's a good time. Meanwhile, Turner's got a double date going at his place. Oh, and Feeny almost borrows cab fare from Shawn at the end! Here's the end of the episode, showing everyone turning the night around.

Frasier: "RDWRER." When their New Year's Ever 2000 plans go awry, Frasier and Niles scramble for a new plan. What they end up with is a road trip with their father in the Winnebago, complete with license plates that abbreviate "Road Warrior." After stopping to eat, Niles accidentally boards the wrong motor home (headed in the opposite direction) and falls asleep. He doesn't realize he's in the wrong vehicle and believes he's being kidnapped, and he drives off in it when the elderly couple stops to eat. He also called the police and reported the vehicle stolen, so Martin and Frasier get pulled over. They all realize what happened, and the Cranes pull a u-turn while Niles catches a ride with the same couple who "kidnapped" him before. When they realize they won't make it to the party in Sun Valley, they hightail it back to the Pacific Time Zone so they can at least ring in the millennium. Someone on youtube has actually uploaded the entire thing, so you might as well have that! :)

3rd Rock from the Sun: "Happy New Dick." Mary is hosting a fondue party, and Dick realizes that he hasn't had any major accomplishments for the year. He's really a downer this episode, LoL. Sally really has Don wrapped around her little finger when she keeps changing her plans... but he finally stands up for himself. Harry and Tommy throw a party, but it's a disaster when Harry hires idiots. Here's the middle part of the episode, since it's the funniest.

Friends: "The One With the Monkey." So this is the episode that introduces Ross's pet monkey, Marcel. The gang makes a pact to not bring dates to their party, but everyone has one except Ross shows up with one.. but none of them are great! It's also the episode where David has to decide between Phoebe and Minsk. It's not the best party, and the only kissing going on at midnight is Joey and Chandler, haha! I include the second half, since it has the actual party, haha. I love Phoebe's speech with David.
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