Friday, February 12, 2010

good & weird, really.

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
: Super Bowl was on.

Family Guy: Super Bowl was on.

How I Met Your Mother (S05E15): YES!! I love Ranjit episodes!! Robin got asked out by the other anchor ON THE AIR??!?!? "Teddy WestSide" ?????? that rabbit/duck thing got really old, realllllly fast. Barney's phone constantly ringing got really old, really fast, too. And I even called him twice the night before, on his SuperBowl number, not the one he had on this show. and WHY did he choose that ringtone anyway??!? omg I can't belive Don was naked!!

House, M.D. (S06E14): How does Cuddy NOT have an assistant?? A prescription for breast milk? And he knows a place to buy it? what the hell..... and I REALLY hate the angles of Cuddy's eyebrows in this one. And what's with the pharm tech, she's just ridiculous. And why was there a fight? And I couldn't believe she was about to resign. And I can't believe she got her 12%. And that happy ending was crap. I hope Cuddy never has her own episode again, and sure as hell not a spin-off, if that's what they were trying out with that.

Cake Boss (S02E17): Buddy makes such a sweet little promise to his daughter.. but really, how do you build a cake when you're on vacation? And why does she need a 3 foot castle on a cake?? Interesting comparison of convection ovens and rotating ovens. They're all over all the parks in this episode, so it's hard to believe it took place the way it did. There's no way they left the kitchen, hit at least two parks, and then went back. They're also getting special treatment, as they rode Thunder Mountain with nobody else. "Cereal treats" aren't really a standard item... so when Buddy said in the beginning he only needed basic ingredients, I'm not sure how rice crispies factored in... Back to fakeness... he didn't go out and see Jasmine and Mulan in the middle of building the castle. I guess you could say the editing worked out for a good story, but true Disney fans know there's no such way. ...the food and wine festival?? this was taped a while ago... that thing is over by November. AND, since he's doing this cannoli thing, I bet he didn't have to pull too many strings to just use the same kitchen longer to make the cake. They DROVE the shells down from NJ?? Was this the best method? They couldn't outsource their recipe like they did when they built the car last time? really?? they had "gold luster dust" at this place?? The two-tone castle looked strange to me. Sophia obviously went to the Bibbiti Boppiti Boutique and got the Cinderella hairstyle with the Belle dress and makeup, haha. Another small fact that only fans know.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (S02E18): hate Lauren's outfit in the beginning. And Amy's, for that matter. Who the hell practices kissing "just as a friend" ???? who does a mother/daughter dance? And why does this guidance counselor have to be so impossible? why on God's green Earth would Ricky's parents want to be witnesses to Adrian's parents' wedding? They've never met!! Ben looks like a beanpole next to Ricky in their work aprons. I'm tired of the George/Anne storyline. After all this time (at least 5 years), Madison's stepmother finally wants to talk? what the hell? It was really funny tho that Madison wanted to tell the woman every reason that she doesn't like her. Jac;s mother is really strange. Actually, I'm bored of all the parents. I want more storylines that are just the kids... there are enough of them on this show, for crying out loud! I swear, if Amy and Ricky start falling for each other now, I'm done. Why do all the girls WANT to go to this mother/daughter dance except for Ashley? What an awkward thing in general, I feel.

Table for 12: no idea. and not sure why not.

missing the eps "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school"

19 Kids and Counting (S04E02): Anna seemed really happy to be talking about her daughter. Why does it look like they're getting dropped off at an elementary school, not an airport?? And why did Josh just leave the car there?? And did they also really get away with gate-checking all that crap? They shouldn't have been able to take that much carry-on without the baby having a ticket (and she didn't she rode as an infant-in-lap). Josh really does that side-hug thing too much. Interesting Anna tried to point out that she's glad they waited to kiss, but it almost gets cut off, and I thought that was strange. It certainly didn't look like they had packed enough to have those gifts with them, but I'm thinking either we didn't see everything or they had gifts shipped instead.

now only missing "Duggars in the Sky"

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Off season:
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life," but since the show isn't running anymore, I decided to list it down here, instead of on my already-full Mondays.
Wipeout (summer)
Little People, Big World (April)
The Goode Family (watch it Monday nights at 10 on Comedy Central!!)
Lincoln Heights (no information available yet)
South Park (two more seasons are contracted, no start date yet for season 14)
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