Friday, April 23, 2010

Main Season Shows Starting to Wrap Up...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Miami Medical (S01E03):
This was a really good episode. I hope it brings more viewers to the show in the future. Pretty wedding gown. I had never heard of a "microburst" before, and I lived in South Florida for almost fourteen years. Are there no exceptions to cutting off clothing? Even in a wedding dress?? I think they did a really good job cinematographically with showing who each victim was from the opening scenes. I'm really getting a feel for the characters now, so that's good. sweet little ceremony at the end. haha, Dr. Chris drinks scotch? really? so young? weird. The two phones thing was funny, too.

Minute to Win It
(Season 1, Week 6): strange opening with the firefighters stuff. I think it's a little early in the show to be having themed episodes already, LoL. Yellow shirt fire captain ("Cookie") looked kinda young to have been working for over 30 years. I also liked how they themed the timer on the games, that was cool, I could get used to that. I was surprised that, after the second game, they had his daughter come down from the audience to give the guy a hug, LoL.
Game 1: Dizzy Mummy: spin around to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper in a minute. You break a piece, you lose. He seemed to have a system, and finished in less than 30 seconds.
Game 2: Suck it Up: that hard game where you use a straw and the sucking motion to move M&Ms from a bowl to the tops of other straws. He has to do two in 60 seconds. At least he knew how to pick them up, unlike the last person who had this challenge. However, his flaw was in setting them down on the straws, where he had none at the buzzer. On his second try he got them both on the first try and was done in a snap.
Game 3: Stick the Landing: throw a bottle partially-full of water onto a table and have it land upright. You have ten tries, one bottle per table. His last try came the closest, as it landed upright, but it promptly slid off of the table. On his second round, he gets it on the fourth or fifth try.
Game 4: Bulb Balance: Sprinkle salt on a light bulb to balance a raw egg on it. You have to do this twice. You only have a small packet of salt to work with. He was really working at the task intently, but he was shaking badly and had one up for a couple of seconds before it fell, but that was it.
Contestant #2: I wonder if firefighting in LA actually pays enough to live on out there? I loved his attitude and demeanor, so fun.
Game 1: Fish Head: Blindfolded (wearing blacked-out goggled), you have to put a lampshade on your head with a fishing pole. This was entertaining to watch, and he got it with 20-something seconds left.
Game 2: Knock it Off: Use the spinning ball of yarn to knock over 3 of 5 soda cans. The trick? Each soda can is on another, and you can't knock over the bottom cans. I thought he'd be good at this one, and he did it in half the time the best guy before him did, as he was done in 20 seconds!
Game 3: Junk in the Trunk: the 8 ping pong balls inside the tissue box, tied to your backside, and you shake to get them out. He was done in like 10 seconds.
Game 4: Paper Dragon: hold the end of a streamer in each hand. Using a windmill motion, swing around and unravel both of the streamers (500 foot rolls!) in a minute. If one breaks, you can pick it up and keep going. He didn't do the windmill the entire time, and finished the yellow but not the green. He didn't have much further to go, but he didn't quite make it. On his second try, he again was having problems with the yellow. He was working HARD to get them to come out faster. The green was done with 15 seconds to spare, and 3 seconds later he finished the yellow! yay!
Game 5: Go the Distance. Use a tape measure as a bridge to get a ping pong ball into a shot glass - 5, 6, and 7 feet away, respectively. He gets the first two pretty easily, and the third one with ten or eleven seconds to spare.
Game 6: Mouth to Mouth: Four empty glass bottles are topped with four upside-down glass bottles. In between the mouths are dollar bills. He only has those four chances to get one of the dollar bills out without knocking either bottle over. He got it FAST on the first pair of bottles. Just a couple of seconds and he ripped it out of there! I'm thinking this was one of the games that he had really well practiced! For fun, the host had him try the rest, and he failed those three times.
Game 7: next time!

The Simpsons (S21E18): cute little opener this week with the family's faces being courses of dinner. neat little digimon-ish toys, LoL. Wiggam and Homer hanging out was strange. The "officer up" thing was a little disturbing. I was totally grossed-out by the way the food was prepared at the diner. This was the first time that I realized Skinner has a diploma from "Springfield Diploma Mill" lolol. Do you realy get a bullet-proof vest dry-cleaned? um, I don't think so. "Battlebots" ... cool. And what in the world is "hospital beer" ?? Why was Wiggam using a cane... he wasn't shot in the leg. Strange yet amusing goof on Flanders in the end.

Family Guy (S08Exx): not this week

How I Met Your Mother (S05E20): why didn't Ted's mom stop the creepy guy from talking about sexual things?!? Silly suit bride. LoL. And the groom wore a sweater? um, ok. and GEEZ strange gift!! LOOOOVE Barney running off to tell "Aunt Meridith" about Robin crying. The giant stack of napkins was random. really? Ted thinks multiple people have favorite real estate auction websites?? I don't know that Ted buying a house was the stupidest thing ANY of them have ever done, LoL. Marshall and the "drunk or kid" game was funny. I am completely not going to believe that Barney cried to that song, LoL. What was with Lily's hair at the house? Marshall went into a COMA from riding his bike down a ladder? LoL. The house inspector talking about Lily was funny! Where did they get beers from at the house?? "your heart is both drunk and a kid" was funny. Interesting that Marshall knew that Ted wasn't gonna get rid of that house.

House, M.D. (S06E18): The opening sequence was too long and rather boring. It seemed to take forever to get to the hospital. How does Chase not know who Frodo is??!? I can't handle looking at the patient's eyes. The looks on Taub and Chase's face during the "I told you" / "and I told you" scene were crazy! The transvestite called him "horse" hahahahahahahaha. I guessed the lead thing a few seconds ahead of the team, which is probably the first time that has ever happened! Yay! Lucas is back! And House hired him to find out more about Wilson's girl/ex-wife. The patient sure seemed to have a junk-ton of ailments this episode! I liked the "let the king out of the tower." And I'm not sure how I feel about 13 giving relationship advice, LoL. House throwing out the psychiatric records on Sam was a big step for him, and I think that was supposed to be emphasized when he took ibuprofen next.

Little People, Big World (S05E25 & S05E26): .That was a weird elevator that they used, LoL. It was cool to see them at their first cathedral in Florence, since I had studied it in art history and history of architecture. I think it would have been interesting to see how Amy, Molly, and Jacob dealt with the language barrier someplace. Just because I'm thinking it would have been amusing to see Jacob be confused and laugh at Amy try to figure things out, LoL. Jacob really wanting to go swimming in a pool was funny. Wow there were a ton of people out to see that team practice playing soccer, LoL. We got some interesting shots of Venice from the gondola. Too bad that the pool was drained when they went to try and make Jacob happy. But his running like crazy through the hotel to the beach was a bit too staged, LoL. It was really sweet to see all of them meet up after so long. Amy pointing out that she's glad that Jeremy and Zach are still getting along was strange... like she truly didn't believe it was going to work out for just the two of them to be on a trip together, LoL.
The tensions between the parents are becoming apparent again. I thought that Matt was in charge of planning the France part of the trip... so how come he didn't bust out a plan once they got to Paris? I think it's interesting that Amy tries to fit in and act like she's the same as everyone else, while Matt tries to create special opportunities because of his condition.

Table for 12: nope.

missing the eps "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school"

19 Kids and Counting (S04E12): I never thought of Amy and Anna hanging out, LoL. Amy chasing the dog around showed the sound guy, LoL. They are kinda cool together, talking about shopping and such. Nobody has a problem with Amy having a dog in the store? Anna had a decorative necklace on. They really thought they could learn online? Why not take the class at JoAnn's or Michael's or whatever? I mean, I get the economics of it, but c'mon. Anna's wearing her makeup differently now. Anna doesn't like dieting... nobody does, LoL. On the second dday they went to Amy's, and Grandma Duggar tried to help with the crocheting. Piano lessons, guitar lessons, selling, crocheting... Anna's a quitter, LoL. Nobody supervises the little kids when they eat breakfast/lunch? 3 pounds 8.5 ounces on the show, and they suggested she might go home as early as a week from then. Since she went home a couple weeks ago, the gap may be getting shorter. She still looks so tiny. It was interesting to watch Josie take an oral feeding for the first time.

16 and Pregnant (S02E10): Kailyn is a senior in HS in Nazareth, PA. Show starts at 24 weeks, and it opens by letting us know her dad is a deadbeat and her mom lives in a hotel with her boyfriend, so Kailyn moved in with her boyfriend's family, and shares a room with him. They have only been together for nine months, and his family is kinda pro-adoption. She's trying to hide her pregnancy from people other than close friends and family (her mom was pro-abortion), so we see the shopping, which isn't something we have seen before. She's thinking of facebooking her dad's sister and getting in touch, too. PROBLEM: "it could happen to any one of us" = that means none of you are being super-careful about birth control. I think it's funny that she thought she looked fat, and that her friends were all "no, honey, you look pregnant." Her mom has no job and no apartment but she wants to buy the baby furniture. The aunt and the dad send a super-long email inviting her down to Texas to meet. Does the boyfriend's family only have two bedrooms? It looks like a big place. Or are there siblings that we're not seeing on-camera? We know he had at least one brother, presumably older because of his name, but he "came over" so I assume he lives elsewhere. Why does he go by "Jo" if his name is Jonathan? LoL. How come she didn't have the "what sex is it" sonogram until she was 30 weeks? Is she not really into prenatal care? I mean, I do assume she has no health insurance, but c'mon. Jo's not really into her anymore, it's kinda clear that he's getting ready to break up with her if they weren't having a baby. It's unclear whether she is still going to school or if she has dropped out. They also never really say how she did on the SATs that she took near the beginning. It also all of a sudden became DECEMBER when she heads to see her father... she was supposed to go during Thanksgiving. I gotta say, Kailyn is one of the most annoying girls I've seen on this show. Interesting that she hugged her dad right away. I haven't seen my dad since I was 12 and I certainly wouldn't have hugged him right away if I saw him. Someone stole $200 of meat from his refrigerator?? What?? That's why there's a lock on the fridge?? Maybe the aunt should have come to the airport, too... maybe that could've smoothed things a bit. We don't even see her, because next thing you know she's back in PA. I guess she dropped out and is doing a GED because of how they mention she'll be done before the baby's born. LoL, she doesn't know what to ask, but at least she knows she wants to major in dental hygiene. Interesting that she had two tour guides, but one was another teen mom, so I guess she was useful, given the situation. Sometime short of 8 hours into labor she had an epidural. 11 hours in, she's pushing. I think she's one of the only (if not THE only) mothers to wait and find out what it is at the birth. Everyone seemed happy that it was a boy. Jo curses a ton in front of the tiny baby. Oh, here we go, "I did well enough on my SATs" lol. I think it's interesting that most of the girls on this show act like they got pregnant by the first guy they've had sex with... and I don't know how realistic that is.

Wrap-up Finale (S02E11): I didn't have anything to say about some of the teen moms. I wish there was some sort of head's-up on which will be followed (if any) for the next Teen Mom. Janelle - they're still suffering from Janelle not always taking care of the baby and passing the buck to her mother. Kailyn - She got engaged... intriguing. I hate her nails. She and her mom no longer communicate at all. Samantha - yeah, I totally see her kid being a teenage parent in 16 years. Leah - she handles the twins in strife. Chelsea - good thing she has her dad. Nikkole - I don't know why ANYONE thinks that having a baby will help your relationship. The boyfriend got yelled at on this one. And he looked kinda "whatever" about it all. I know there were ten of them this time instead of six, but I was surprised that more of them didn't have more questions for one another.

South Park (S14E06): okay, so this is the second half. Cartman's hand being in Saigon was creepy. Santa Claus coming out of the bear costume was weird. The bleeping of "Mohammad" was weird. I wasn't a big fan of the giant black censored box, either. Cartman's dad is a dead Denver Bronco? And he has a half-brother who's a ginger? There was way too much bleeping at the end, through the whole speeches. I'm kinda over it. I am glad, however, that the creepy hand thing is gone. I was completely stumped by the ending with the moon and the killer whale.

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Off season:
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life"
Wipeout (summer)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
The Goode Family (Mondays at 10pm on Comedy Central)
Futurama (June 24th)
Cake Boss
Sons of Tucson (will air the other 9 episodes this summer)
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