Friday, April 2, 2010

More Minute to Win It! (and others!)

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Minute to Win It
(Season 1, Weeks 2 & 3): caught up, thanks to Hulu.
Week 2:
Game 3 (he was a continuation): Speed Eraser: bounce pencils into 7 half-height glasses. On his first attempt, he got one of them pretty easily, then stumbled. On his second try, he had four quickly, and made all of them with ten seconds to spare. Not sure what happened his first time... maybe it was the whole "coming back from a break" or it was just hard for him to do this one in the spotlight?
Game 4: Bucket Head: Bounce a ping pong ball off the floor, off the wall, and into a bucket on your head. 60 seconds to do TEN of them! His method was to move around to catch them, and I was stupidly going to change the trajectory of my bounces, LoL. He got frustrated and dissapointed I think, since after 4 he struggled to get to 8.
Person 2:
Game 1: This Blows: we had this one before, where you use an inflated baloon to knowck over cups by letting out the air. Her method was very different from the last person... she blew it up a LOT and went for several cups at once instead of one at a time with a little air.
Game 2: Face the Cookie: Tipping your head back, put a cookie on your forehead and use your head and face to get it in your mouth. Do it twice in a minute. She had a shaking method that allowed her to get both with 17 seconds to spare!
Game 3: Bite Me: Pick up 5 paper bags (different heights) with your mouth and place them on podiums. She had this. She finished in less than 30 seconds.
Game 4: Loner: roll a marble 15 feet to knock over a pencil. You only have to do it once, and you get 20 marbles to work with. She got it before she used 10 of them. :)
Game 5: Blind Ball: Blindfolded and spun around twice, you have to pick up two balls (volleyball size and there's four around at different heights). On her first attempt, she knocked two over but didn't get any. On her second try, she came really close to one, LoL. Try #3, she got them both. She was overjoyed, LoL.
Game 6: Keep It Up: Keep 2 feathers up (can't use your body) in the air for a minute. A minute it a long time, and her method is to blow them HARD so they get really high. But, she lost.
Then, for some reason, we bring out two guys to go head to head... in Movin' On Up: That cup thing again where you have to move all of the cups up one at a time, stopping when the red cup is at the bottom. Winner gets to start next episode.

Week 3: Okay, the guy is here (Blake). The Cup Game counted as his Round 1.
Game 2: Card Ninja: Throw playing cards at a cut watermelon. Get one to stick in there. You're about ten feet away. You only have to do it once. I thought he had an interesting way to throw. His aim wasn't the best, as he only hit the watermlon like ten times out of all those cards, LoL. But he failed. On his second try, he got it within like 20 seconds.
Game 3: Elephant March: 8 filled POM bottles in parallel rolls 8 feet apart. Put a tennis ball in a pair of pantyhose, put the pantyhose on your head, and swing it to knock down all of the bottles in sixty seconds. He never missed! He hit like every bottle on the first try!!
Game 4: Hangnails: hang six 3.5" flathead nails on a string. sounds pretty difficult, not gonna lie. But he did it on the first try, no mistakes, no sweat.
Game 4: Egg Roll: Use a pizza box as a fan, roll three eggs to another area. He rolled the first egg past the place and had to move it back. Same with the second. He had a good strategy and knew hoe he wanted to move. He finished in like 40 seconds but one rolled out, while he was running around celebrating, haha. He fixes it with less than ten seconds to go, LoL.
Game 5: Keep It Up: the feather game again. Failes on the first try, gets it on the second. His jump-and-blow tactic was interesting.
Game 6: Caddy Stack: Build a tower of three golf balls that stays standing for three seconds. He got it with like 23 seconds to spare!!
[his friends wanted him to walk with the $125k. he wanted to keep going, but he ended up leaving]
Contestant #2
Game 1: Put petroleum jelly on your nose. Move five cotton balls from one bowl to another using only your nose. The first four went okay. He had trouble shaking off his fifth since it stretched out and then flew off, but his sixth went in with just three seconds to spare.
Game 2: Bucket Head again. But he only had to get three of the balls in the bucket? I guess because this was his second game and it was the other guy (who had to do 10)'s fourth game.
Game 3: Whack Job: You have 12 attempts and you have to do it 9 times. There's a cup of water with a pie tin on it, then a toilet peper tube, then an egg. Using a broom, knock out the pie tin and the roll so the egg falls in the cup. I thought this looked hard, but he got 11 out of 12!
Game 4: Triple Pong Plop: Bounce balls onto three dinner plates and then into a fishbowl of water. Gotta get 3 in a minute.
Reveal of a million dollar game: Super Coin: Bounce a quarter 15 feet to get it into a 5-gallon water container (2" opening). He had some trouble, then got 2 in a row, then the last one fumbled him. He had to try again, and got it! Out of time, so he'll continue next time.

Sons of Tucson (S01E03): "a cop just told me he owes me one," hahaha. I love how Ron kept trying to read more and more into the cop and the "golden ticket" potential. It was only a matter of time until someone heard about what was going on. I'm surprised they didn't have a code word for the situation yet. Funny that the alpaca guy didn't know who Dr. Seuss was, LoL. I totally love the casting in this show, I hope more people start watching it soon so it keeps going!! haha, sifting through the crap!! AWESOME. The cop's gay. Perfect. Now we don't have to worry about Gabe saying anything, LoL. And to end it all, the alpacas wrecked the shed and the kid gave Ron a list of all the speed traps. HAHAHAHA.

The Simpsons
(S21E16): creepy need to hear "computer words" by Jimbo, LoL. LoL on The Gaza Strip Club and the Fiddler on the Roof. haha "who wrote the guide, the same guy who wrote the New Testament?" And "chosen people mover" haha. Funny "reading minds" joke, too. "but I thought we'd be neighbors in heaven... goofing on all the new dead people" haha. Dr. Hibbert came to Israel too? geez. What's with the Carolina Panthers push?? "peace and chicken"

Family Guy (S08E15): omg Peter threw Stewie under the car to make it look like Lois hit him, lmao. the whole thing really disturbed me.

How I Met Your Mother: not this week.

House, M.D.: not this week.

Dancing with the Stars: last week was a fluke. I tried watching both the regular show and the elimination show this week and couldn't finish. No more.

Table for 12: nope. sometimes this show is such a tease.

missing the eps "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school"

19 Kids and Counting (S02E09): Jinger has a cell phone (and we saw one of the older boys use one later)... so presumably all the older kids do. It was really cute to see Justin play with Jordyn, and to take an active role in that "buddy" process that they have. Josie is expected to drink 4.5 gallons of milk a week when she gets home... I never really did the math on that before, LoL. I didn't catch anything that showed how old Josie was in this episode. :( Jana said that they've done a lot of radio shows, I guess that meant interview style? I also thought it was interesting that Jinger wasn't very comfortable answering the phone, but it seemed that Jill and Jana were handling a lot of them. Interesting there was no Josh/Anna. I am kinda losing my love for Josiah tho... he seems like the spokesperson hog that Josh is sometimes.

16 and Pregnant (E02E07): Nicole from Longwood, FL (between Altamonte Springs and Sanford, LoL). Oh good, a 15-year-old who dropped out of school is the dad. Starting in September at 17 weeks. She's not going to school at all, and she's only a sophomore. Her friends seem really intrigued at the idea that Nicole didn't use birth control at all. She's not very pretty... I'm tired of unattractive girls this season! Oh, timeout. Dad Tyler was expelled at THIRTEEN!! Certainly not a good father figure to his sisters like they're trying to portray. Paid for a birthday cake with change... not a good sign. Tyler is 16 and has no skills, how can he be upset he can't get more than $6.50/hour. Wait, a sleepover baby shower? Only for teenagers, lmao. The prank calling was funny. There are a TON of people at that baby shower!! It seems the main entertainment was to suck helium... problematic. I can't decide how I feel about them filming this kid constantly smoking cigarettes. Yes, we're seeing it's bad and that it's a problem, but c'mon now... it's the adults' job to take that away from him, not allow it! Really? They went around driving over speed bumps? LoL. They're still doing a good job at showing how painful it is. She's groaning in pain at 6 hours in, but wasn't dilated enough for an epidural until 12 hours. Why was Tyler running in and out of the delivery room once the action was starting?!? And why did twenty people go to the hospital to wait for her to be born? Baby Brookyln was born about halfway through the episode, and goes home three days after she was born. "This mom thing is all brand new to me" um, duh. I also don't understand why Tyler waited so long to re-enroll in school. And how was he so delinquent for so long? His grandma just let him sit at home and do nothing? She didn't at least make him start a lawn-mowing business or something?? She does look big for a one-month-old baby. Nicole wears a couple of rings on her ring finger, but this was never addressed... I wonder if they're engaged and they just left that out to make the story more believable (an engagement is totally NOT believable in this situation, LoL).

South Park (S14E03): Cartman only goes to soccer practice on Fridays to get KFC afterwards... and he fakes a stomachache during practice so he doesn't have to actually exercise, LoL. Stan's dad abandoning the kids to try and get a medicinal marijuana prescription reference was amusing. Cartman freaking out about not getting KFC and having physical and verbal outbursts and then showing up at a methadone clinic was funny. BUT, Stan's dad takes the cake when trying to get cancer from microwaves, x-rays, cell phones, chicken nuggets, and the sun, hahahahahaha. Great hit on banning fast food from low-income areas. omg gross hoppity-hop joke. Cartman pulling a gun because the dealer cut the KFC gravy with Boston Market gravy was ridiculously funny. All those men hopping down main street was funny. Awesome Kentucky/Columbia look. Cartman sniffing strips of chicken skin was like the icing on the cake. My jaw is still open in shock over the scrotum coat.

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Off season:
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life"
Wipeout (summer)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Little People, Big World (next week!)
The Goode Family (Mondays at 10pm on Comedy Central)
Futurama (June 24th)
Cake Boss
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