Monday, April 5, 2010

Favorite Episodes: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Um, who didn't love 1990s Will Smith?? He was pretty cool, let's not lie. Yet another show that I never saw in original run, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air focused on West Philly teenager who moves in with his affluent Bel-Air relatives. The show really focuses on the kids' storylines instead of family storylines (like The Cosby Show), and has some awesomely funny moments. Thanks to TBS and the internet, I've made my way through every episode, and found some real jewels along the way. And, interestingly, this is one of only a few shows that had one of its best seasons on its first go-round. At least that's my opinion. :-p

Season 1: "Knowledge is Power." I seriously think this may be the funniest episode in the entire series. Will finds out that Hilary dropped out of college, and blackmails her. She tries to get Carlton on her side, but he also blackmails her. At dinner the next night, Hilary can't take the pressure of the tasks the guys have her doing, and confesses. And you should really watch this video. It's less than 4 minutes and has the best scene of the episode.

Season 2: "Will Gets a Job." Phil calls Will "Carlton" on accident a few times, and Will is afraid that he's too much like Carlton... like being a mooch. So, instead of willingly taking Phil's money to afford homecoming, he gets a job on the sly. He sneaks around and lies a bit, but when the family heads to the restaurant that Will works at, all is revealed (and Will dresses as a pirate, haha). I couldn't find a video. :(

Season 3: "Boyz in the Woods." Phil, Carlton, and Will go on a camping trip, but a series of unfortunate events catches them in a snowstorm with no shelter. They end up in a cave, burning discovered money for warmth. It turns out that they won a prize on a television show, and they walk off with the little left that Will had hidden from the others.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Season 4: "I Know Why the Caged Bird Screams." Carlton is the school mascot, the Peacock. A rival college kidnaps him and puts him in a cage inside a sorority house. Will tries to put on the costume and act in Carlton's place, but it doesn't work because the team is used to Carlton. Well I can't get the only video clip I found to buffer all the way, but maybe it'll work for you.

Season 5: "Fresh Prince, The Movie." Will and Carlton tell a crazy story about the family being put in witness protection in Alabama in order to distract Jazz during a poker game. The antics that go on in Alabama are beyond hilarious.
Part 1 Part 2

Season 6: "Not I Barbecue." Will and Carlton are hanging out with a couple of girls when things take a turn for the sexy. After the guys are down to their boxers while playing a game, one of the girl's boyfriends arrives, and the guys have to wait it out in a closet. The guy (gigantic, by the way) eventually falls asleep and the guys try to sneak out, but he wakes up. Luckily the guy is too big to get out of the window, LoL!
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 has been blocked in the US, but if you're elsewhere, you can see it by linking from Part 2.
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