Friday, April 16, 2010

Full Week!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Miami Medical (S01E02):
okay, this new doc is creeping me out. His sitting up on the edge of the roof was ridiculous. It's also interesting how vivid they are demonstrating the pain on this show... usually when a patient got flipped to check for gunshots on a show like ER, the pain to the patient appeared minimal... not here (or, at least, not today). Dr. DeLeo's accent threw me for a second there. AWESOME. "top of (his) class at FSU" is exactly what I wanted to hear about Dr. DeLeo. If he wasn't already everyone's favorite, he should be now. :-D Hooray for more humanitarianism with the Cuban doctor helping the Cuban patient's mother. It's so interesting to me to see the characters go outside and it's warm and sunny and there's palm trees everywhere... I'm so accustomed to the wind and rain and cold and snow of ER's Chicago. hahahaha on the end Yoda-speak. The writing was again pretty good in this one, tying up loose ends well, giving some good morals throughout... could use some more Omar Gooding, but maybe next week.

Minute to Win It
(Season 1, Week 5):
The first guy was a former USC football player. That's all we really found out about him, except for the fact that he is now 30 years old, LoL.
Game 1: Hanky Panky: the tissue-pulling game. He got it with 10 seconds to go.
Game 2: Knock It Off: use a ball of yarn (holding it by an end) to knock over three cans out of five. The trick? Each can is on top of another can (and you can't knock over the bottom one), and all of them are at different heights. He loses on his first try, since he knocked over too many bottom cans. On his second try, he got it with some time to spare.
Game 3: Junk in the Trunk: eight pin pong balls in an empty tissue box. It's attached to your backside, and you have to jump around to get all of the balls out. He had all eight out in ten or eleven seconds... he was good!
Game 4: Johnny Applestack: the one where you stack apples, this time 5 of them. As many tries as you want in a minute. This is a tough one to practice at home since no two apples are ever the same. He looked totally amazed when his stack was up and holding with 20 seconds to spare!
Game 5: Egg Roll: the one where you have to use a pizza box to fan three eggs into a specific location. He was going strong, but as he was trying to get the third egg in, the first two rolled out again. He kept facing this problem over and over, and he made it just on time.
Game 6: Suck it Up: Use a straw to suck up M&Ms from a bowl, bring them to a table that has a test tube holder thing holding four straws, and put one candy on each straw. And worse yet, they're flexi-straws! No hands allowed. The first one wasn't bad, the second one had four misses getting it on the straw, and time ran out. He was very positive about trying it the second time, and he did get further. He lost trying to get a fourth on.
Contestant #2: She
Game 1: Sticky Balls: Roll marbles toward a piece of tape (you're about a ping pong table away). Get 5 of them to stick. She got it pretty easily.
Game 2: Wheel of a Deal: that one where you have 20 face-down cards (A, K, Q, J, 10) and you have to flip them over and sort them onto podiums. She was on her last card when time ran out. On her second try there were a lot of one type of card left at the end, so I'm sure that helped her throughout.
Game 3: Hang Over: Take six wire clothes hangers and hang them in a chain so none of them slide to the sides. [whoa those are cool projections of hangers around the room!] It held for three seconds and she had 18 seconds to spare.
Game 4: Nimble Thimble. Bounce six marbles into six thimbles in one minute. Her friends were shouting out suggestions, but she never got a single one in the minute. I think that counts as the LoL. I think she needed to raise how high her hand was and just drop it, stop trying to bounce it so hard. She got one in the first 30 seconds, but never managed to get a second, let alone any more. :(
Sidenote: those videos of people practicing at home... that final mom who practices ten minutes every hour on the hour was a bit intense for me.

The Simpsons (S21E17): What was with the burning blanket in the jail cell? Why have a party just for Burns? I mean, I know that's his thing, but he didn't really seem to enjoy the elaborate party, so what's the point? Wait, WHAT?? Homer makes $60k a year? In this economy? With no college degree? Something's fishy... He was funny when he poured out some of the expensive wine on the floor for taxes, haha. I liked the guys playing Twister with artwork, LoL. That whole "frostbite took his nose" thing didn't last long, either. And sometimes Bart is just too vulgar. It makes me angry. hahahahahahaha jail fraternities AND University of Virginia being a public Ivy League, haha.
Bart and Lisa holding hands was weird, and Santa's Little Helper eating the last ant was horrible.

Family Guy (S08E16): Weird take on Stephen Hawking. I liked how "Bird is the Word" made an appearance. Quagmire acting all strange and virginy was funny. It took me a minute to realize he was kidding... but Joe took it surprisingly well. Megan's mentioning of killing cats bothered me. That was QUITE the April Fool's joke there!!

How I Met Your Mother (S05E19): Okay, it wasn't the best episode ever, but I did watch it twice already, LoL. I love how it started with "there's a fine line between a true story and a bold-faced lie." LOOOOVED the Sleepless in Seattle scene. "Marshall! we've driven halfway across the country literally a hundred times for a piece of pizza" haha, Ted. I think Barney had the best reaction to Marshall announcing he was mugged. And the "I got mugged in 1947 at the corner of Abbott and Costello" was hilarious. Barney's reaction to Robin's gun was also amusing. I love that Lily still has a bit of a shopping problem. Funny thing with flashbacks of Marshall hurting Lily on accident, but they didn't include the sword episode!! I also enjoyed how Barney kept making the story more and more interesting, and therefore gave Marshall awesome old things to act out, LoL. The cute Curious George comment was funny, too. "my space shuttle keys" - who believes that?? I liked the three-high-five between Barney and Lily, but am unclear on how Barney got the three-way-belt... didn't Ted have it? I'm mis-remembering something... Marshall's soft spot for monkey love was cute. The fact that the gang "never found out what happened" seems kinda shammy to me... I'm thinking the guy with the gun. I think that Marshall would have been upfront and silly about a story with a monkey thief... not changing it to be a guy. Also, Ted's "red leather, yellow leather" brought back some acting warm-ups for me, LoL! The monkey gets loose.... grabs a doll... climbs the mock Empire State Building... a guy throws paper airplanes at him... love it.

House, M.D. (S06E17): Hugh Laurie directed this episode. Why doesn't Cameron want to talk about her marriage to Chase? I thought it was funny that House messed with his malpractice files that much! And I thought it was weird that Foreman was willing to take Vicodin to spend as night as House. Cameron NEVER KNEW if she loved Chase??

Little People, Big World (S05E23 & S05E24): Starts at about Day 10 of the trip, and the twins are struggling with the language barrier in getting directions. Even Jeremy looks really overwhelmed when he can't read the German menu and nobody who works there speaks English. Didn't they have a dictionary of any sort? At least so they could look up how to say "chicken" or "fish" or something? LoL. I thought it was interesting that Matt wanted to let everyone else go ahead so they'd be tired by the time he arrived... it doesn't sound like it would make sense (when you consider that Matt is generally really gung-ho at the start of stuff). It was impressive to see how early Molly was packed. It kinda reminded me of when I was going off to college and I was packing my 2 rubbermaid tubs weeks in advance, LoL. Rome seems like a neat place to tour by Vespa. I didn't even know that there was a "center" of the European Union. Having soil samples from each of the 27 countries in the center was neat. I also thought it was interesting that the boys have iphones... and so do the Duggars. I wonder if it's a TLC push?
What's this "that's legit" phrase that Jeremy uses so much?? It was moving to see Zach sink to his knees at the concentration camp when it hit him that Hitler would have killed him for his disability. It was also neat to see the wear on the steps at the Leaning Tower of Pisa... I hadn't thought about that, nor noticed it at other historical landmarks that I have visited.

Table for 12: not this week .

missing the eps "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school"

19 Kids and Counting (S04E11): I thought it was interesting that the television crew drove to TN to watch the Bates leave, LoL. And that Gil Bates refers to their lateness as being on "Duggar Time" hahaha. It's nice for Joy Anna, since there's more girls her age in the Bates family. It was a little more Bates-interview heavy than other episodes featuring that family, so that was interesting. LoL on Trace Bates's nickname being "Chubby." Interesting comment by Michelle on the fact that there seem to be some random boy-girl feelings but nobody knows what may come of it. LMAO we see Josh laying in bed while everyone else is ready to go. I thought it was funny that JimBob missed his assigned shower slot and had to wash his hair in the kitchen LoL. Why do we care that the two families have logged 10,000 hours of church in 20 years? If the average family goes for an hour a week, they'd get 50 hours in a year, which is 1,000 hours in 20 years. Is the point that the Duggars spend 5x more time in church? I thought it was random that Cousin Amy showed up, LoL. And, of course, Josh looks uber-tired in service. One of those older Bates girls looks a lot larger than I remember. Awwww, the Bates are now expecting #18. :) I wonder what else the families did together on this trip, since they were there for seven days... I do think that the families used the word "fellowshipping" a bit much, LoL.

16 and Pregnant (S02E09): Lizzie, Smithfield, VA, Junior in HS, friendly divorced parents. She has bad taste if she thinks Skylar is cute, LoL. Starts at 5 months, when she's already dropped out of school and is homeschooling. She's was pretty average to start out with, regarding body size/looks. Her parents talk really quietly. What was wrong with the soft blue that was in the room to start out with? She was really into band, LoL. Sounds like she was a good flutist, LoL. Interesting that Skylar asked her dad if he could marry her, and he says "I'm going to do everything I can to keep us together," and then we find out that he cheated on her. But, at the same time, it was in the past... why did all that drama come out 8 months later?? "What did you think of me when we met?" "I liked your eyebrow piercing" WTH?!? She didn't seem surprised at all at the proposal. I had no idea that they made belly button rings specifically for pregnant women! LoL, combined baby shower/graduation party. Labor at 37 weeks. Born January 30th, 2010, so it's not that old, LoL. She stops breastfeeding at 2 weeks, but doesn't seem sure of her thought process... I think she could have used a coach. I thought she was doing well at going back to school when the baby was 3 weeks old, and balancing the baby on her chest as she worked, but when she quit a week later, I was sad. When she had to tell her mother how to mix the baby's formula, that was a good sign of her parenting, since mom hadn't helped up until then. It was, overall, a very good episode, since she had clear life goals in the beginning and we saw how, one by one, they kept getting crushed, flipped upside-down, and changed.

South Park (S14E05): Why does Tom Cruise have so many closets? What was up with Cartman and the guy on his hand, LoL? ...and that's all I have to say about this episode. For the 200th, it wasn't all that memorable.

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Off season:
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life"
Wipeout (summer)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
The Goode Family (Mondays at 10pm on Comedy Central)
Futurama (June 24th)
Cake Boss
Sons of Tucson (will air the other 9 episodes this summer)
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