Monday, April 19, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Yes, Dear

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So this is kind of a weird show. I'll admit that upfront. I had never heard of it in first-run, and only started watching it one day when SOAPNet didn't come in and I couldn't watch Beverly Hills, 90210. Anyway, I ended up liking it, and during the eight months I worked from home in 2008-2009, I saw every episode. Later, when I read about the history of the show, I'm kinda glad I didn't watch it in first-run, as I'm pretty sure the way the final season ran would have made me very angry (long story short, it got canceled, then more episodes were ordered, and running the last bit out of order made for screwy and confusing plotlines).

If you've never seen the show, it's about four adults... two couples where the wives are sisters. One couple owns a large home in LA and has one (later two) child(ren). The other lives in the wealthier couple's guest house and has two young sons. The show often has two storylines going on, and splits the characters either by gender or by family. The fact that the show is not yet on DVD does make it harder to find video clips. Now, let's go over my faves (seasons 2 & 3 were the best!)...

Season 1: "Kiss and Yell" (S01E14). ALl four od the adults make liss of everybody that they've kissed. Kim doesn't believe Greg's list, and he'd insulted. Meanwhile, Christine finds out that Jimmy and Kim kissed while she was dating Jimmy.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Season 2: "Making Baby" (S02E22). Kim is ready for another baby, but Greg is worried that Kim will want more and more kids if he second one is another boy. Christine and Jimmy get some traveling missionaries to paint the house, and subsequently corrupt them. Couldn't find a clip, but they tend to run this one pretty often so try TBS, LoL.

Season 3: "March Madness" (S03E20). Greg has tickets to see a championship basketball game, but Kim doesn't want him to go since it conflicts with her grandmother's 80th birthday. Jimmy ends up going and has an unbelievable time. Meanwhile, Greg has a bad time at the birthday party, and Kim feels bad, so she starts doing special things for Greg. When Jimmy gets home, he claims they had an awful time so Greg won't feel bad, but that stops Kim's special treatments of Greg, LoL. No clip again.

Season 4: "Hooked on Comics" (S04E02). Greg's parents are visiting again, and his dad has become obsessed with Superman. Greg and Jimmy go with Greg's dad to a comic book convention, and Greg tries to get to the bottom of his dad's new hobby. Meanwhile, Kim has to deal with Greg's mother wanting her to dress Emily more like a girl. In the end, Kim lets Greg's mom take Emily on a shopping spree. No clips.

Season 5: "Senior Olympics" (S05E12). Greg's dad comes to town to participate in a fencing competition. Jimmy's dad decides to join in, and starts winning matches by default, and quickly makes it to the finals against Greg's dad. I found a clip of the fencing, and was going to just embed it, but the audio has been disabled, so just a link.

Season 6: "Dominic's First Date" (S06E02). Dominic is having a little girl over to play, and Christine and Jimmy prepare him differently. Christine wants him to be a gentleman, while Jimmy is worried that the little girl is making Dominic her slave. So he teaches Dominic to lead girls on, and soon his whole class is calling him on the phone. Meanwhile, Greg finds out that Kim has a box of mementos from old boyfriends. Again, no clips. Sorries. :(
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