Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drinking to Mad About You

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Okay, we're in week 2 of looking at some suggestions for drinking games for television shows. This is the most recent one that my husband and I have written, since we're working our way through the series (we have about 2 episodes left in season 6, then all of season 7). That being said, I can't promise they work for season 7, but our original list was much longer... sadly the major themes and characters change so much a lot of them became invalid.

Take 1 Drink:
- Whenever Paul or Jamie is on the phone
- Whenever we see British neighbor Maggie
- Whenever they go to the local hangout Riff’s Restaurant (or we see Ursula elsewhere)
- Whenever Paul is paranoid or neurotic
- Whenever Paul says “that’s what I’m saying” or some variant thereof (2 drinks if someone else says it)
- When they can’t get out of the house on time
- Whenever Jamie talks about work
- When we know Paul or Jamie is lying to the other
- Whenever we recognize a guest star as another television show star (Lisa Kudrow doesn't count here)
- Whenever they go A, B, or 1, 2 or some combination of those

Take 2 Drinks:
- Whenever Jamie rummages through the kitchen cabinets.
- Whenever the dog does something awesome (subjective, I know)
- Whenever Mark talks about being a doctor
- Whenever the parents meddle in their lives

- Whenever Murray chases the mouse
- Whenever Sylvia disagrees with Jamie or gives her a hard time
- Whenever we see Mr. Wicker, the Super
- Whenever they get stuck doing someone else’s job
- Whenever they mention the slanted floor

Thoughts? Additions?

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