Friday, July 9, 2010

Minute to Win It is Back; Miami Medical is Done

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Miami Medical (S01E13): Who can draw that nice of a picture on a moving bus?? The issue of the cyst on the back and whether they can perform that surgery was an interesting argument. I could have done without the extra drama between DeLeo and his brother. I was shocked at the prospect that the woman would completely give up custody of her son so he could have the medical treatment done with no charge. The shaman stuff was just weird. The "slip" during the surgery was interesting, and very ER in character. I kinda wish we'd get a chance to see how that affects things in the long term. And I thought it was honorable that the doctor wore that hat in the surgery. And, just like that, this show is over. sad.

Sons of Tucson (S01E09): Really? Ron goes around stealing dogs and then returning them for rewards? Awesome. Um, the middle kid is the one who makes the decision about whether Ron can live in the house, without talking to the other kids?? Haha, the dog is a wolf!! Didn't see that coming! But I was impressed that the middle kid believed it was a purebred without seeing papers. Seemed out of character. Haha, he tried to act like the pet store was in an abandoned building. I couldn't believe that the boys gave away the wolf like that, with the intention that it would maim that annoying girl, LoL. Ron really is starting to rub off on them.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (S03E05): I was surprised at how Anne just expected Amy to figure it all out on her own... I mean, I understand that they went over that before she left, but c'mon. I think it's HILARIOUS that the school is starting the new rumors. Especially from jealous band kids. What kinda dresses were Lauren and Madison wearing? Way to take charge, Henry, LoL! I liked hearing Alice's thoughts on how she and Henry would handle a pregnancy. That guest house of the Bowmans is REALLY nice! Nice story of how Amy picked the french horn... I LOVE "Peter and the Wolf" !!! wait... Ben was inviting the dads to Adrian's ABORTION??!? Ashley wants to kiss Ricky?? At least she looks torn about it afterward. I don't know that Adrian's mom blaming Adrian's dad is helping matters, LoL. The surprise of pot brownies was hilarious. But they weren't acting high enough for me to figure it out my own... Jack gave that away. I didn't really care for that photo montage of Amy in NY... didn't like the idea, the music, or the fact that half of the images were of her being lost, LoL. NOBODY realized this program was for teen moms?? Amy skipped orientation?? what?? haha, Jack slept in the tub. Fancy breakfast at Ben's house, LoL.

Cake Boss (S03Exx): no new episode this week, although they tried to pass-off old episodes as "new" by adding in pop-up information throughout the show.

Huge (S01E02): I liked the overlays of campers' thoughts at the beginning. Tearing out the pages of a book as you go is funny, LoL. New girl is uber-close to her family, LoL. hahaha, "on a scale from 1 to Ellen" how gay do I seem? Why would George let Amber use his phone?? I really enjoyed the dramatic writing and deleting of the emails by the director, as well as her struggling with that mini-muffin. I think the letter-writing overlays could have been used more throughout the episode. The brother-sister drama is really nice to see, I hope to see more of that. Will's letter was kinda moving. I don't know how I feel about Caitlin's complete write-off... I think that's a bad thing. Wait... one anxiety attack and Dani leaves?? She couldn't have worked through this??

Wipeout (S03E05 & S03E06): couples' edition, but married folks and not blind dates (okay, strike that, found out some are only dating). Some of the couples are pretty amusing, like the bully who is a newlywed but obviously regrets that. The idea that someone flew up from the blob and didn't land was dumb. I'm starting to get annoyed by the fact that nobody ever gets past the suckerpunch without felling off, LoL. I think the thing I like least about the couples' edition is that it goes from 12 to 6 to 4 to 2... not as exciting. Bad Abbott & Costello joke. Mrs. WishyWashy was really bad at the Wipeout Zone. haha, both women took longer than 20 minutes... that's crazy! It kinda amused me in general that there were a lot of problems with the gutbusters... it doesn't seem this hard when they're covered in foam, LoL.

Somebody actually made it all the way across the suckerpunch! Amazing! The trampoline obstacle was funny. Lots of funny wipeouts on the double cross today. I like the sleepytime spinner as a round, I think we should see it more often. Those footie pajamas, however, probably suck to run in after they're wet. Nothing super-exciting really happening in the Wipeout Zone today. I am also getting a little tired of the closing line, "good night and big balls." But, what I'd really like to know why we're doing two episodes a week... any thoughts?

Table for 12 (Special Episode): cute premise. I couldn't believe all of that chalk sat out in the yard ALL WINTER! That was so cute that the little sister would still eat the burned grilled cheese so willingly. The tooth-checking kinda grossed me out. It was also kinda crazy that other people bring over their kids for Betty to pull teeth... yikes! Picking out the puppy was cute, and I'm a little sad that, in the end, they had to just choose one puppy because of the costs. But I understand. The changing of the name was interesting, and it wouldn't have occurred to me that the neighbors may panic when hearing someone shout "Bullet," LoL. Casey is a good name though. And the little doggie was SO cute! I would have liked to see Rebecca interacting with him a little more, but maybe that'll come. Similarly, I hope this show is going to get back on a more regular schedule now.

Hot in Cleveland (S01E04): LOVE Elka's tracksuit in the beginning, with the cute glitter seams. Melanie without makeup isn't very pretty. Funny Roseanne dig. Overall, I didn't care for this episode all that much... too much Victoria and crap. The confusion over sexuality was pretty funny. Love the idea of Elka turning Liberace straight. The previews for next week look better, and I'm glad. I'm also curious as to how this playing-the-same-episode-twice-in-a-row thing is working for TVLand. I guess they're doing alright tho, since they've already ordered a second season!
*remember: Valerie = Melanie, Wendie = Victoria, Jane = Joy*

Minute to Win It (S02E01): Twins episode... I had a hard time believing that they were only 25... they totally looked 30 or so. Jessie in pink, Becky in blue. They got over-excited whenever they saw the game blueprint. It was cute when they showed the dad on the video, but overkill when they brought him out in person.
Game 1: Roll With It: Unroll 2 rolls, one with each arm, in a minute. Jessie had a slower start than I anticipated, but finished with 26 seconds to spare.
Game 2: Noodling Around: Pick up 6 penne noodles with a piece of linguine... in your mouth. Don't drop any on the floor or let the linguine break. Becky started strong, but never got the last two because "it was shaking so badly." On the second try she made it with 15 seconds to spare.
Game 3: Tweeze Me: Racquet standing upright with a tennis ball balanced on top. You have to use tweezers to pick up a tic-tac from a cup and hold it through a colored hole in the middle of the string, dropping it in a cup on the other side. Don't let the tennis ball fall off the top. You have to do it once, and you have five set-up racquets and like a hundred tic-tacs. Jessie goes for it. She knocks down the first few, then gets one in but the tennis ball and racquet tip over at the same time. At 2 seconds left, she knocks over the last set-up. On her second try, she does it early on but the set-up tips over. But, she does get it with some time left.
Game 4: High Strung: Holding string between your hands, lift an egg off a bottle and over to another bottle. Twice. Becky has to go by default since Jessie is too shaky at this point. I dunno, Becky looked pretty shaky to me. She gets the first one without a problem. The second one is also easy for her, and she finishes with 10-11 seconds to spare.
Game 5: On the Hook: hold a chopstick in your mouth, that has a string and paperclip attached. Use the paperclip to "hook" four keys without dropping anything. Becky plays again. She does it right and does it quickly.
Game 6: Whipper Snapper: Towel attached to floor. Whip 3 ping pong balls into a bucket 15 feet away. They asked the audience for advice, and Jessie went. This says to me that they thought maybe Becky should have done it, but didn't want to do 3 levels in a row. I was kinda nervous there, but she gets the third one with less than 10 seconds to spare!
Game 7: Propeller Head: Launch a propeller so that it lands in a basket 15 feet away. Becky plays. She comes close twice, but never gets it. They do, however, get to walk away with $50,000.

Futurama (S06E04): I've always liked the phrase "dictated but not read," haha. I liked the little storm clouds making the drinks, LoL. Clownitis is ridiculous. The "Exhibit A" thing made me laugh. Nice Transformers moment. Really?? Ghosts and Horses can marry but humans and robots cannot? The whole Kip part(s) of the show were boring, and the end with the motorcycle and all that was crap.

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Off season/Coming Up:
Kate Plus Eight (Season 1 continues July 11th)
16 and Pregnant / Teen Mom (Teen Mom back July 20, not sure on 16 and Pregnant)
19 Kids and Counting (Season 5 starts August 10th at 9pm)
Melissa & Joey (starts Aug 17th at 8pm)
Little People, Big World (season 6 starts September 6th) House, M.D. (season 7 starts in September)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in the Fall on ABC)
The Simpsons
(season 22 starts in the fall)
Family Guy (season 9 starts in the fall)
How I Met Your Mother
(season 6 starts in the fall)
South Park (have not yet heard, but I assume October or so)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
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Unknown said...

That Minute To Win It episode was priceless! The twins really nailed it, and it was an original idea. I'm glad they got to walk away with that much money. I'm definitely looking forward to more summer episodes!!!