Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Ever Online International Live TV Show Drinking Game ...maybe

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Come one, come all and bring your filled glasses, your impeccable sense of humor, and your regular
Burn Notice-watching crew.

Tonight for the SUMMER finale of Burn Notice (there will be more in the fall...), and we'll be watching right along with you, so why not drink together? We'll be playing TheTalkingBox's very own Burn Notice drinking game and want you to join in. All you have to do is fire up your preferred Twitter client and follow @AndDrink. We'll tweet out when you should drink and what for. If you disagree or we miss one, let us so we don't fall behind. At the end we'll run the drink stats so you can see how many times you were supposed to drink, and what you actually gulped down during the 42 minutes of 'spy'-flying antics.

The @AndDrink account won't be active until just before showtime, so keep up with @TheTalkingBox in the meantime for updates. See you tonight, and don't forget to bring a drink.

Disclaimer: There are moments of TV Zen that simply must be honored. Should one of these occur during the show, the drinking game rules may be stretched to include these moments, so should you get more drunk than expected from blindly consuming alcohol when reading the word 'drink' from a ton of tweets, it ain't our fault...
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