Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer is Ending...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Secret Life of the American Teenager
(S03E12): Ashley's hair has gotten longer. I had not realized that nobody did anything for Amy's birthday. At least Ricky knew that not knowing Amy's birthday was pathetic. hahahahaha, Molly Ringwald (Anne) making the 16th birthday joke was PRICELESS! Haha, Ben has to get a different job. Betty has a random fake book of stuff in the library. Um, the random sapphire was also interesting Jack and Madison's dad was a weird scene. Grace wondering if there's an oral sex club was incredibly naive. "Gateway sex" is funny. Another young doctor? Betty's wordplay bothers Leo... hmmm... Madison and Jack have been together for a YEAR?? Wow... no phone and no computer AND it's summer?? haha, love how Jack keeps paying off Tom. And tricky thoughts on Jack trying to keep everyone abstinent just because he can't see Madison. And, strangely, Amy returned home early.
[I believe the season mid-finale is September 6th]
Cake Boss (S03E15): a cake for an ice cream company is kinda funny. Do they feel the need to show that the shop is constantly packed for a reason? Ground coffee in the cake and coffee instead of water... interesting mix. The lemon something-pastry (pustachuk?) sounded kinda weird. And I wonder where this rumor came from that it was Frank Sinatra's favorite... Anthony didn't seem very concerned that the oven wasn't working correctly. Juan, the new decorator who is a friend of Ralph's, must have spent all day on making those dots of light on the silhouette! Getting the new location must be really far out if we're going to go swapping two floors around at this point. The ice cream bars on the sides of the cake looked pretty neat. Great save making the strawberry look melty, too!

Huge (S01E09): ...and Dr. Rand lets it slip that Chloe and Alistair are related. Will has a "scathing" plan to yell at her parents? No wonder they didn't show up. "feelings aren't facts" was a great point by Rand's dad. The "Love Handles" thing they watch is weird. I was seriously just starting to think Will's parents must be exercise trainers when she opens the package and pulls out the CORE jacket. I found it a little strange there weren't more "large" parents. Ian's parents getting along are seriously weirding him out. Now I'm really confused on Becca's living situation. Amber's mom is WEIRD! No wonder Amber is so quiet about her! Why would Trent want to align his family with Ian's? I also couldn't read Rand's face when she was watching her dad teach Will how to dice tomatoes. Why is Jonathan (director of the athlete camp) texting Rand out of nowhere?? Chloe & Alistair's mom being in a wheelchair added a little diversity to the parents. I guess Teal (Amber's mom) can't live alone? I just thought she was financially irresponsible or possibly a drunk, but turns out she must have a mental issue. I was kinda happy that Amber didn't want the cookies in the shoebox. I am also starting to wonder if Isnarksi is gay. Why did Amber say she was going to the kitchen if she was really going to the laundry room? Why not just tell her mother she had to find a place to hide them? I also kinda wonder how certain parents decide to eat out while others sample the camp food. Ian's parents telling him that they're getting divorced shouldn't have shocked him so much if they were fighting all of the time... Becca and Alistair having a heart-to-heart about Chole was interesting. Was Amber heading to eat a cookie? Aha! Amber's over-eating is to cope with her mother, plain and simple. Can Teal drive herself places? It seems so.
Minute to Win It (S02E08): Miss Universes and Miss USAs are here... ten of them. And it's last "beauty" (man) standing style. They all have matching tank tops that label where they're from (country or state)
Game 1: Hanky Panky: the "pull out all 160 tissues" task. Last one loses. One of the Miss USAs loses.
Game 2: Temper Tantrum: vigorously shake your legs and get the most kicks on your pedometers to win. Don't let your legs or feet touch the ground. I had a bad feeling it would be Trinidad, but turns out Missouri went home.
Game 3: Face the Cookie: Cookie on forehead, use facial muscles to get it into your mouth. Slowest beauty loses. You can try with multiple cookies. Another USA loses.
Game 4: Go the Distance: Roll a ping pong ball to land in a shotglass, using a tape measure. Tennessee and Panama both struggled but after everyone else was done, Panama lost out.
Game 5: Spoon Frog: Use a teaspoon to launch another teaspoon into a glass. Last person to succeed loses. North Carolina goes home.
Game 6: Stack Attack: make the pyramid of cups (6-5-4-3-2-1) and then take them down again. Japan lost.
Game 7: CD Dominoes: 20 plastic CD cases have to be set up, ad blow to get them started, and eventually knock the last one into a bucket. Puerto Rico was crying pretty hard when this was the announced game. None of them got it on the first try. Two get it on the second try. Puerto Rico ends up losing.
Game 8: Bulb Balance: Stand an egg upright on top of a light bulb, using salt for balance (you can use two packets of it). Tennessee gets it pretty quickly, the other two get it but it doesn't stay long enough until the second attempts... and Trinidad loses by fractions of a second, really.
Game 9: Ping Tac Toe: head-to-head using water-filled glasses as a grid. Each person has a different color of ping-pong ball, and you have to be the first to get three in a row. It was close, and New York wins! aka Tennessee goes home.
Game 10 (for $1 million instead of $100,000 for her charity): Supercoin: big surprise... bounce quarters 15 feet to get one inside a 5-gallon water jug. She doesn't make it.

Melissa & Joey (S01E03):
haha, "I've had better" with the waffles. "bourbon pecan maple syrup" ?? Um, the grocery store thing was absolutely similar to a Who's the Boss episode that was on just an hour or so before this aired. But, on that show, he doesn't reveal that he is a nanny/housekeeper. hahaha, "I'm going to go pick out a tie to go with losing my shirt." "you had carbs without me" LoL. Gamma Gamma Gamma sounds like a strange sorority. Her office looks pretty plain... aka fake. Um, and the episode that ran just about the same time as the grocery episode had Tony do a one-night-stand with a sorority sister of Angela's... here, tho, they never get to the sex because she finds out the truth about his profession at the moment. I don't really like Mel's pink/purple dress. "screwed worse than pledge week" was funny, too. "I'm gonna go out and find myself a role model" ... the writers on this show are incredible! The kidney thing was over-the-top. the "iron man" thing completed it.
19 Kids and Counting (S05E05): Who drives the sportscar? Johannah got the chicken pox first, interesting. All of the older girls must have had chicken pox earlier, LoL. New font for the solid-screen-information screens. Oh, haha, yep, Jill was 3 when the chicken pox broke out last time. Grandma Duggar does 25 hours of laundry per week!! JimBob needing to be in charge of meds was interesting. Why live anywhere but the ground floor when Josie has that much stuff?? Wow, Michelle knew sunlight has vitamin D, LoL. "last one here is the last one here" ... boring. Josh didn't come over to help with the lawnmowing?? June 18th is a definite date for some point while the children had chicken pox. Everyone but Josie made it to Ohio for Michelle's dad's funeral. but... that means the kids traveled with chicken pox... hope nobody in Ohio caught it because of them!
Teen Mom (S02Exx): not this week.
If You Really Knew Me (S01Exx): not this week.
Minute to Win It (S02E09): um, East Coast vs. West Coast girls today. Erica in red, Melissa in green. First person to lose two out of three challenges loses.
Game 1: Paper Dragon: unravel two party streamers each. Interesting how they had two very different approaches. My money was on Melissa, and she got it.
Game 2: Bulb Balance: get an egg to stand upright on a lightbulb, using salt for balance. You get one packet of salt and first person to get it to stay wins. They were both trying pretty intently, but neither seemed to have a clear strategy. Erica got it a split-second before Melissa.
Game 3: Ball Cap: 21 metal teeth are on a bottle cap. Caps are placed upside-down on bottles. Drop a golf ball onto a cap, knock it off, and get the ball to land on the mouth of the bottle. The person who gets the most correct out of ten wins. Erica won. Melissa was too quiet, anyway.
Game 4: Tea Party: swing your head to get both tea bags to land on the bill of the hat that they're attached to and that you're wearing. Erica has 60 seconds to do so. She kept getting one up and the other would fall down. Her boyfriend started getting worried about half-way through the game, and when the timer ran out, she failed. On the second attempt, she gets it in like 15 seconds or so.
Game 5: Egg Tower: use 4 paper towel rolls and 4 eggs to build a structure. You have quite a supply of both materials to work with. She kinds makes it look easy until near the end, where she never lets go and then runs out of time. Again, the boyfriend is mighty nervous. On the second go-around, she gets it with 15 seconds or so to spare.
Game 6: Spudnick: potato with bendy straws... get 5 straws into it and then get an M&M to balance on top of each straw. She gets it with 17 seconds to go.
Game 7: Tortilla Head: a plate is strapped to your head, and you have swim flipped on. Use the flippers to flip up tortillas from the floor, and only 1 out of 10 has to land and stay on the plate. The plate does have sides, so that helps. She gets it on the first try, in just 7 seconds or so. (that said, I didn't think it was all that hard of a challenge, anyway) But that whole "I know my way around a tortilla" got old FAST. And, rather than keep going, she leaves at this point, which is probably a good call, in all honesty.
Stephanie and Kaylin are BFFs who are professional dancers. Stephanie is wearing the capris, Kaylin has the shorts. wow, Stephanie's dad has had 107 major surgeries???!?
Game 1: Bucket Head: team game. stand 5 feet from a wall and bounce balls off the wall into buckets on their heads. Do it twice, each. Stephanie gets her second ball with just 3 seconds or so to spare.
Game 2: Movin' on Up: 39 blue cups and 1 red cup each. move cups from the top to the bottom, using alternating hands. Each must do it. They kinda sway from side to side as they work. Kaylin takes more time than Stephanie, and doesn't finish... by a single cup. They both have to do it again, and then we cut out to see more the next night.
Wipeout (S03E13): The 3D thing had me going for a split-second there. Jill was funny - couldn't believe the guy wanted to do it, LoL. The swimcap was random. Some good smackwall wipeouts. The trucker overlay was humorous. There's actually some talent on level two! BirthdayBoy holding on to the sweeper arm until the next track was impressive. A guy quit in the spincycle! yay BirthdayBoy!

Minute to Win It (S02E10):
Stephanie (capris) and Kaylin (shorts) are on again, picking up where they left off: trying Game 2: Movin' on Up again. This time, they finish with only 3 or 4 seconds to spare.
Game 3: Blind Ball: playing together, they're blindfolded (aka wearing black goggles) and spun around twice, then they have to walk around and find two balls each at various heights on the stage. Pick them up and hold them without knocking down any or dropping any. They're a little slow, and when the clock runs out, neither has any balls, and they did knock 2 over. I think the allowance to pace it while seeing is kinda cheating... but whatever. On their next attempt, two get knocked over and they don't capture any. They seem really sad... and they should be. I don't think anyone else ever walked away with just $1,000 (the minimum)
Kandis in white, Kristin in yellow (with the random wrist sweatband). Again, sisters. They really want to win money and take their grandmother to Italy (she's Sicilian, LoL).
Game 1: Tilt-a-cup: playing together, catch a ball into a cup, put another cup into it, catch another, etc. until you have 7 cup-and-ball pairs in the tower, but don't let it tip over. They get it with 8 seconds to spare.
Game 2: Clipper: roll ping pong balls down a slanted table using binder clips to act as bumpers to get the balls into three other binder clips. Kandis goes for it, and has 18 seconds left when she wins.
Game 3: Baby Blockin': wear a plate on your head and stack 5 blocks on to of one another on the plate, using one hand. Kristin goes for it, and speeds up a tad at the end, and is never able to let go of the tower. Then, Kandis goes for it, and while I thought her tower was a little shaky, she makes it. The blocks are totally larger than the standard baby block, I feel. (sidenote, this one would totally be my sister. she has a flatter head than I do, LoL)
Game 4: Volcano: working together, drop a Mentos into two-liter bottles filled with soda to get them to erupt. Each girl must do it once. The girls look like they haven't seen this one before, but they get it done with a whopping 43 seconds to spare! They also did a one-of-a-kind cheer after making this one, LoL.
Game 5: Flip your Lid: Playing together both girls must flip-cup (but face-down to face-down, not the normal way) onto a bottle 12 inches away. They almost got it at the same time, but both came off. They get off a TON of tries, since the floor is covered in cups, but neither makes it in the end. On the second attempt, Kristin gets it first, but they finish with 19 seconds to spare.
Game 6: Layin' Track: make a track of staples over some erasers and roll a marble down it to land in a cup. Kristin is going to do it. She took a LONG time setting it up, and was only gonna have one shot, so I was worried. BUT, she gets it with ONE SECOND to spare! another cheer (I think it might have been the first one again?)
Game 7: Chop Stack: use chopsticks to stack four tubes of chapstick. You can keep trying until time runs out. neither of them seemed to want to do it. In the end, Kristin convinces Kandis to do it, LoL. She's ridiculously shaky, and it keeps falling over with just two tubes. By the time she goes to stack the third, there's less than ten seconds left, so she loses out.

(S06E11): "two scoops of pixels in every scene" was a funny opening tag. Peeling a banana and getting a pickle inside was weird. haha, free admission to Comic-Con with ewok pelt. haha, Futurella not really having a chance was funny. And the question about The Sampsons second movie was funny since Bender was shot since that wasn't the topic, LoL. Lrrr having a midlife crisis of sorts was kinda boring. The comic book was only vaguely interesting as well. LoL, talking to Orson Welles. But the cheeselog kinda grossed me out.
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Off season/Coming Up:
Little People, Big World (season 6 starts September 6th)
House, M.D.
(season 7 starts September 20th)
How I Met Your Mother
(season 6 starts September 20th)
The Simpsons
(season 22 starts September 26th)
Family Guy
(season 9 starts September 26th)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in the Fall on ABC)
South Park
(have not yet heard, but I assume October or so)
Burn Notice (back November 11)
Hot in Cleveland (back in January)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
16 and Pregnant
Kate Plus Eight (not sure when season 1 continues)
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