Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lie to Me, Burn Notice, & a New Contributor

by Jonathan Bredemeyer


Lie to Me (S02E18)
- "Headlock": Lightman always seems to have friends in low places, so the fact that he's in with the street fighting crowd isn't surprising. It is a bit shocking watching him cover up his proximity to his friend's murder so quickly, but Lightman has no problem asking Agent Ben Reynolds to delay a DNA match put in by the FBI. What's really odd is that Torres destroys evidence for Lightman automatically and insists on being involved with helping him. Torres seems to have the run of the office underlings with Loker seemingly unable to detect when she lies to him. It's nice to see that Bill Clinton's picture is a permanent fixture on the office wall. Foster's the target of a side story this episode and struggles with trusting her new boyfriend. She also seems to have lost the ability to tell when people are lying as he's successfully been covering up the fact that he's a DEA agent and using a fake name. At the end of the episode when Lightman meets the fellow, he picks up on this lie immediately. For being lied to the entire time and previously screwed out of a promotion by Lightman, the head FBI agent is surprisingly mellow when he discovers Reynolds and Lightman's cover-up. He's even cooperative enough to play along for the final setup to catch the out of town killer. After the case is solved, Foster introduces the psychologist from a juvenile detection facility in a previous episode as her boyfriend. She asks Cal to leave him alone, which of course it's assumed he does not do as the show ends with him taking off his jacket (to sit down and begin researching him). With no other suspects most of the episode, there's no one for the Lightman Group to interview, making this episode atypical and light on actual lie detecting.

Burn Notice (S04E09): Hurricanes make Floridians tough, so it makes sense one shows up in Burn Notice. Michael's trying to track down Simon to determine who owns the Bible with the code breaker in it. Vaughn shows back up at Michael's request to see what he's found. For some reason, Michael appears to lose his temper, which nearly never happens, as Vaughn doesn't grant his request to see Simon. Sam's old FBI buddies stop by and become clients with a fishy story about a failed hurricane hit. While Mike and Sam run off to track a gun, Vaughn shows up to 'sweet talk' Fiona into getting him the Bible, for Michael and Jesse's sake. Ironically at the same time, Weston is sweet talking the hit man who spared his new clients into believing he's a competitive hit man. Michael is forced to save the hitman's life while they're trying to steal an emergency vehicle. Jesse finally makes his second appearance of the episode as he, Michael's mom, and Fi search the target's house for his girlfriend's address. After a coded radio message that even Michael's mom can decode (is this a shot at marines' intelligence since the hitman is a discharged marine?), Michael gets away when the real rival hitman shows up. When Michael and his new found ally in the hitman that had previously held him hostage are trapped in the target's girlfriend's house, they start on the 'Burn Notice first rule of defending against people with guns': make a bomb. Michael convinces Cole (the now ex-hitman) to join him and help stop the hit. The bomb along with a distraction help the two fend off the hit team and the FBI agents get to take credit for preventing the hit. It's announced there's another tropical storm coming, which means the business with Vaughn is not over. I'm not sure who thought Fiona would help Vaughn, but the dramatic point is when she tells Michael she chose him and handed him the Bible. Michael sets a date with Vaughn to meet Simon in the next episode.

Spy Lessons rating: Nothing new...

If you can't tell, this isn't Amy. I have the pleasure of being her husband and will be a contributor on her blog with reviews for Burn Notice and Lie to Me. My TV interests are vastly different (I think reality TV is a good measure of the negatives in popular culture) and I'm a bit more analytical. I also have the honor of testing The Talking Box drinking games for final approval, a tough job but someone's gotta do it. I'm up for comments and always like to argue. Happy watching.
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