Friday, August 6, 2010

Sons of Tucson Ends; Duggars are Back

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Sons of Tucson
(S01E13): Series Finale. A tennis ball and a box of crayons in Robbie's lunch? That's funny. The Blue Angels... lmao lmao lmao... I've seen them - amazing but pretty near priceless. I liked Ron's shirt in the beginning of the episode (the blue sweater thing). With the palatial size of that room, how does Ron not realize there's gotta be more to the house than a storage closet??!? Pretty sweet digs, tho!! Strange guy posing as the lawyer... I liked Gary working as a telecommuter, but the pacing of his lines didn't work quite right. How much time has passed that the kids have sold all of their major appliances?? Crazycool block party!! Interesting take that Ron would do more for the kids than for Gina. I agree with Gary - I never would have expected that reaction. The Blue Angels thing was cool-looking, although so not real, haha. Robbie trying to find a father in a firefighter was amusing. Cute bonding moment at the end with the underarm farts. I guess we just assume that they continue making it work even though there are daily crazy events.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (S03E09): Rough start for Ashley today. Leo is really starting to get an attitude towards Ben. Tom is having such a rough time between losing the job and his girlfriend. :( The battery-lit candle was cool. hahahahaha, Grace just assumed her friend was gay, and he's not! Awwww... George totally lied to Ashley when he said that Ricky wanted to eat and talk with her. Weird convo between Amy and Ashley about Ricky... Amy KNEW Ashley and he would kiss?? oooh... the guy IS gay... but closeted. Bringing in the counselor issue brings up a new issue to the show, and I hope it is pursued further. I also love that the Grace-Jack storyline is still there. The dad played it well... emotional and hesitant but honest and true. hahahahaha, his parents tried to set him up! How incredibly weird yet awesome. I'm so happy that the kid was so happy to tell Grace the truth. I can't decide how I feel about Amy giving up the french horn...

Cake Boss (S03E12): Interesting that they want to cake to move and dance and spin and that Buddy isn't sure if he can... he's made much crazier! Cute that Buddy and his son get their hair cut side-by-side. Wasn't crazy about the making of either cake today, but that's rare so no big deal.

Huge (S01E06): Interesting service. If the director was so paranoid about the hike, why send them... why not go, too? And if the group is supposed to be "small," why are ALL of the main characters going? Poppy has become a little too "granola" for me. The flashback was neat. Alistair choosing "Athena" as a new name was neat. Trent creeped me out a tad as he searched for mushrooms. Chloe and Alistair are twins... then why didn't he go to camp last year, too? I had previously assumed that he was younger than her, so this was his first year, haha. Why didn't Amber and Will ask the woman in the diner where they were? I'm really beginning to wonder where this show is, geographically. Amber and George kissing better start putting an end to that half-romance storyline.. I'm tired of it. Will pulling a donut from a dumpster and then pulling out a milk carton grossed me out, so I'm really glad that she ended up NOT consuming those items. The director on a date was cute. I thought it would have been nice to see a little more of the team-building or spiritual activities they did on the hike. Are we not going to see Amber tell Chloe about kissing George??

19 Kids and Counting (S05E01 & S05E02):
I'm a little confused on why we keep showing parts of Josie's birth... aren't we over that yet? She was born at 25 weeks and 4 days, we know. In May they tried to release her from the hospital and couldn't. In "present day," they are still showing her in the hospital. Holy mackerel - 2 tons of furniture?!? Cool that the Asia mission trip was Jana's idea, and intriguing that they "made" her "take" John-David along. A two-month mission trip is pretty neat, and I'm glad that they got this experience. When did they get this red bus? Why doesn't Michelle move to a smaller space now that it's just her in Little Rock again? Not a lot of focus on Joy Anna or the boys.
The Legislature segment was interesting. Too bad that Michelle couldn't be there for Jill to turn 19 (although I haven't spent a birthday with my mom since I was 18, so I guess it's not uncommon). I love that the "low maintenance" child is the one with braces, LoL. Interesting that they're packing new clothes (since Jana is tearing off tags). Cool that Josh and Anna are hanging out with Jana and John-David all night so they get their sleeping different. Cool that we get to see John-David do some volunteer firefighter stuff, since we learned that he joined quite a while ago. And nice that it was a false alarm, I was a little concerned that this was going the way of "we missed the flight," haha. I thought Josh's business wasn't going so great...? I guess he's fine now if they're buying a second lot! Anna looks a little self-conscious of her midriff... is she pregnant again? Is she still carrying some baby weight? Mackynzie is so cute as she babbles. Awwww... all that pumping and little Josie is lactose intolerant!! In 5.5 months, Michelle pumped almost 500 gallons... too bad. That's nice that she could donate it, tho. Josie is looking much better. I gotta wonder, though... could they not have checked for lactose intolerance any earlier??
Teen Mom (S02E03):
Catelynn: Ryan needs to get over his issues with letting go of Carly.
Maci: I don't know what I think about teen mothers in clubs, LoL.
Farrah: I had to walk out of the room when we saw that Sophia had a pedicure on her first birthday... that is just ridiculous. Also, from the clips that they showed, it was totally rude of Farrah's parents to ignore her and only focus on Sophia.
Amber: I am tired of seeing her cry. And she wears too much eye makeup. ANd she sucks at life, so I hope Gary really does leave her for good.
If You Really Knew Me (S01E03): 1300 students in a rural school in Belle, West Virginia. I'm kinda under the impression that the counties in WV are really big, given the info they're saying demographically. Camo is popular, punks wear trendy clothes (and there's only like 10 of them at the school), and there's a clique called "creekers" who hang out by the creeks & are very rednecky. The homecoming queen (pretty and smart) is a hunter. Seems like mostly younger kids they're following here.I forgot about the game where "move x seats to the y if you're wearing z," etc. It amuses me how many kids in this show are upset about their parents being divorced... where I grew up, only the rich kids had both of their parents together. The rest of us all had divorced/remarried folks. I guess that's why I stopped caring two years or so after my parents divorced. How can you believe that someone who always makes jokes about people is just going to stop? That's kinda ridiculous. And a lot of people obviously lied when they said they'd "miss" the mental problem kid... they couldn't all have even known her before this, since she's a freshman, only been there a month, and an "outcast."
I wonder how many students they actually follow, since how can you bank on the fact that the one group you pick end up being interesting?
Wipeout (S03E10): haha, the contestant is going to get a nose job without having a real job, LoL. The big balls moving is hard. The one guy being on the shake-a-lator for like four minutes is crazy, only to fall when he tried to jump anyway! Fluffy Diva was funny, especially since the first thing she's buying is lipo! I think Jill might have meant "Mary Poppins" when she said "Cinderella." The Chewbacca contestant was ridiculous. Frank was crazy good... and a 2:11 time is pretty much unheard of! Nothing too exciting in the two middle rounds. Frank really was a MACHINE tonight! Almost finishing around 3 minutes and then finishing for real with 5:41! (when the next-closest time was over 10 minutes!)

Hot in Cleveland
(S01E08): "Just because I'm chained to the fence doesn't mean I can't bark at the cars," haha. The crashing-funerals-to-meet-men thing was funny, too. I don't really like Joy's hair that long. Both Writers' Strike jokes were great. I guess it's not "too soon" anymore. hahahahaha, Victoria was married to a wide receiver and doesn't know what sport that would be. I hope we keep the running joke of Victoria ordering illegal products, LoL. OMG losing an entire eyebrow is rough!! Why not just draw on an eyebrow... why have a giant bandage? I don't know how I feel about Victoria being a regular drama advisor for a high school, LoL.
Minute to Win It (S02E05): Next contestants: Nathan & Chelsea - a random pairing. Picking up where we left off last time... Another sob story about a dad who wanted to be there and couldn't and then Guy has the dad come on the phone.
Game 4: Play it by Ear: Arrange cans in order by how much money they contain: 5 pennies to 40 pennies. You can shake the cans. I think it sounds pretty difficult. But part of it can be done by weight, I'm sure. We also can't see if he's correct until he's done, which is interesting. They apparently have tabs you can pull up, so to see if he's right is easy at the end. He got it correct.
Game 5: Bouncer: Bounce a ping pong ball into each of 24 cups in 60 seconds. They both work on it together. They're both pretty good at it, although Chelsea did get 3 into a single cup for some reason. It also appears as if each has to do 12 cups - Nathan finished 12 and didn't keep going to help with Chelsea's remaining 3. They finished with 26 seconds left to go.
Game 6: Layin' Track: Lay track of staples, over six erasers, and allow a marble to roll through it and into a glass at the other side. Chelsea plays. Her strategy was to start at the end and work backward. Luckily the table is already tilted, so I'm sure that helps. The first marble got off the track, but she adjusted the track and the second marble worked just fine!
Game 7: Breakfast Scramble: 16-piece puzzle where they work together to finish putting it together in 60 seconds. All of the pieces are the same shape (rectangle). The image is a common one: a Froot Loops box front. They finish with 15 seconds to go.
Game 8: Horseplay: Blow ping pong balls across the table and into horseshoes (angled to make it more difficult). The table is inclined as well. Nathan goes for it, and gets the first one with 33 seconds to go. The second one done with 23 seconds to g and the last one with 13 seconds to go!
Game 9: Uphill Battle: Keep three marbles in motion without knocking them off the table, using a large spoon. The table is inclined, but this looks hard! To keep them going for a whole minute?? Nathan plays, again. He was making it look easy, but at 29 seconds left he lost control. On the second try, Chelsea goes for it, and is pushed to take off her jacket, LoL. She messes up about 33 seconds left. Nathan uses the final life. He starts kinda wild and loses it with 51 seconds left. At least they walked away with $250,000.
Random Millionaire attempt: didn't get it. big surprise, LoL.

(S06E08): I wish they wouldn't keep showing the newest episode a million times each week. I feel like I randomly catch it like four or five times. "Supy Dupy Poopy Scoopy" was dumb. Amy has been a grad student for 12 years? LOL. The auto-refill cups were awesome. Mars University, haha. Nice of the Professor to give up his labcoat. "Revelant" instead of "relevant." awww, they all denied her doctorate! I don't like Nibbler's "voice." A human puppet maneuvered by a dog and adapted for use by a cat... that's a new one! The cats being responsible for the building of the Egyptian pyramids is funny. "you stole my thesis" "welcome to academia" is very accurate. All of the cats rubbing against the same building to generate an electric charge was also interesting. I miss those toys where you pull the cord and the arrow spins and says some sort of animal sound, hehe.
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Off season/Coming Up:
Melissa & Joey (starts Aug 17th at 8pm)
Little People, Big World (season 6 starts September 6th)
House, M.D.
(season 7 starts September 20th)
How I Met Your Mother
(season 6 starts September 20th)
The Simpsons
(season 22 starts September 26th)
Family Guy
(season 9 starts September 26th)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in the Fall on ABC)
South Park
(have not yet heard, but I assume October or so)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
16 and Pregnant
Kate Plus Eight (not sure when season 1 continues)
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