Monday, August 23, 2010

Lie to Me - Exposed (I like the 'Sneakers' version better)

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

This episode begins with Lightman stalking Foster and her new love interest (Burns). Lightman reads her like a comic book and pegs that she's hiding a secret for him. Lightman begins tailing the guy and he and Reynolds watch him get kidnapped.

The Lightman Group's spectacular interrogation room gets a name: The Cube. Burns' DEA boss comes in to provide no useful information except to provide a link to a mysterious girl that was warning Burns before he was kidnapped. Lightman slips a code to Foster telling her the combination to his safe. Inside, she finds a file he's been keeping on Burns and repeats a phrase he said earlier: "No more secrets." (The beginning of a trail of innuendos to the movie Sneakers?)

Lightman visits the mysterious girl (Michelle) and learns she's an ex-partner of Burns and gives Lightman the recent history of the guys she thinks kidnapped Burns. Michelle leads Lightman to a snitch, who, after dramatically saving his life, calls 'Little Moon' the kidnapper. Turns out he was after Burns to find his dad's killer. Lightman convinces Little Moon to hire him to interrogate Burns. Foster crashes the interview and tags along with the now-also-kidnapped Lightman to find Burns bloody and beaten. After a bit of hostile negotiation with a few quick-witted arguments, Lightman gets Burns tended to by Foster and the Moon man to let him properly question him.

After throwing together a psychological game plan, Lightman and Co. begin Act 1 of their strategy. Torres, Reynolds, and Loker hold down the fort and continue to interview Burns' ex-partner while Cal's daughter worries and reads their lies to her about where Lightman is. There's a nice parallel interrogation sequence with the two partners: Burns by Lightman and the vengeful son and Michelle by Torres and Reynolds. Michelle confessed a relationship and Lightman gets Burns to reveal she was pregnant with Big Moon's baby.

As Cal 'removes' Foster from the danger of Moon and his gang, Emily discovers Lightman's safe that Foster left open in his office. She pulls out what looks to be an old journal. Meanwhile, Lightman fakes Burns into thinking he was going to attempt an operation and he agrees to talk. The safe yields Cal's mom's journal and a paternity test for Emily.

Michelle remembers a spot where baby Moon was beaten and leads the cops to capture Foster's gang escort. It's assumed he leads the FBI back to where they're holding Lightman and Burns. They arrive just as Lightman turns Moon against a childhood friend while Burns plays along. The FBI rolls in right after Moon shoots him.

Burns and Cal have a nice chat about the truth in the hospital when Foster comes in. Burns knows he'll be moved around for protection due to his undercover work. Ironically, it seems the only time Foster ever read Burns correctly was the very last time they ever saw each other. She could see he didn't want her to find him.

Cut back to the 'hotel art' breakfast eatery, Emily and Lightman have the airing of grievances over what she found in his safe. He claims the paternity test was just to verify her mom was telling the truth. Emily makes an all-too-poignant point claiming "you never trust anyone, that's why you'll always be alone." Lightman foreshadowing-ly spies Foster sitting outside, disagrees with Emily, and walks out to sit with her. Let's hope they don't pull a House M.D. and slam the two into a relationship in the season finale. Too bad more clues from Sneakers weren't slid in...

Ironic line of the episode: "Never" from Lightman's mouth always equals a lie.

A line for possible use in everyday conversation with your best enemy: "How can you tell when I stop lying?" "You shut your mouth."
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