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Melissa & Joey are Here

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
(S03E11): Ben's fired... from his dad's shop. Half awesome, half sucky. The whole Lauren-Madison summers ruined because of meddling fathers really sucked. This is why you need to lie better when you make things up to tell your parents. Or, at least, make sure your fathers aren't friends!! The pajamas bar sounds interesting, but those two girls randomly taking out Amy was odd. What in the WORLD is with Anne's dress?? Leo had a really good point about Ben having sex with Adrian to get back at Amy and that had a bad result... so why marry Adrian for the same reason? Leo's looking really tan. Betty thinking that Ben KILLED Ricky was hilarious!! And then she was complaining about being hungry... the least of the problems in the household. And now Lauren's dad is talking to Ben's dad... more fathers talking = even worse. "We have the whole summer to have sex at med camp" oh geez.
[I believe the season mid-finale is September 6th]
Cake Boss (S03E14): National Train Day was May 8th, so last week's episode actually took place chronologically after this one, since it featured Mother's Day, LoL. The moving trains and the perfect dimensions was really different. Ralph's outfits still amuse me. All of the guys being upset about eating salads was funny. Mauro's son helping him out with exercising was cute, but a little staged. Danny & Frankie ordering pizza as soon as Mauro was out of the room was wrong. The firefighter thing was a cool cake idea. Joey doing some decorating was interesting. holy cooooooooooow... the train cake was 20 feet long! Joey looked like he saw the knocked-over cake coming. I'm kinda unclear on how the bagpiper fit in, LoL. Interesting plan to just take out a problem building when the cakes started having issues at Penn Station. AND they had to fix it without Buddy's help!
[I'm pretty sure I was in NYC that day. I'm kinda super upset that I missed this]

Huge (S01E08): Becca looked so sad when Amber talked about what a "loyal friend" Chloe is. It was interesting how Trent mentioned to George that he knew it was Alistair's birthday. It's clear that Trent wants Chloe to recognize Alistair, so that's intriguing. The skydancers thing made me smile. Nice plug for Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers. Kinda looks like there were some new extras. The look on Chloe's face when she found out that Alistair told Trent was vicious. The level of upset that the no-alcohol thing caused made me angry. Poppy having a bottle of liquor under her bed was wrong, and I was surprised she didn't make an effort to hide it in front of Amber. Poor Alistair... celebrating his birthday at the random board game event (not the board game part, but the fact nobody was really celebrating with him). Drunk Amber sucks at life. Alistair dodging the gay question was rough, and then telling Isnarski (sp?) that he likes someone else after the guy kisses him on a dare was REALLY rough. I love the random facts that we get from Wayne. Dr. Rand did it in the back of a car?? Geez. That being Alistair's first kiss is crazy... at least Ian tryied to help him out. The second meaning to the boating conversation was good, and I'm glad it went right over Poppy's head. Becca's strange hobbies are so quirky. I don't know how I feel about Alistair crushing on Trent.

Melissa & Joey (S01E01 & S01E02):
I like the "before a live studio audience" part, hehe. Melissa as a politician was interesting. Strange theme "jingle" for lack of a better word. "Lennox" is a strange name. Joey looks weird without hair... I wonder if they plan on keeping him near-bald... Mel wears some TALL heels! "Vagino-Americans" hahahahaha. "That porsche is mine... for ten more days," haha.
Yay for cool dim sum places. Remote control inflation... alritey then. haha on "I want a penguin!" The cigarettes-brand-loyalty thing was funny. Bulimia being the anthem at the prep school was funny.
I liked the first episode much better than the second.
19 Kids and Counting (S05E04): hahaha, "swing by the Bates' house" .... SO not "swing by" style, LoL. The Bates family attends church 3 times a week... interesting. I also love how the Bates know so well that the Duggars will show up at any old time... nothing set for travel times, haha. $400 for a family of 40... that's $10 apiece... but the kids should have eaten for like $5 each and there's a TON of them... I'm thinking they went somewhere little pricey, LoL. Hahaha, JimBob has no idea where his clothes are. The Bates' house is gorgeous now that they have those additions! Not gonna lie, I'm a little surprised that JimBob can iron, haha. The cross in the chimney stones was pretty. Thank goodness that child didn't open up that power tool box!! Nice that they left the "Duggar" mantlepiece for Michelle in the Little Rock house. You know, I kinda wonder if Priscilla also went because Jana is unmarried... JohnDavid can only keep an eye on her in co-ed situations. She and Priscilla can chaperone one another at pretty much all times. The elephant orphanage was interesting... I didn't know that like 4 people could ride an elephant at once. Weird that the cameraman felt the need to go in the water "on behalf of the family" LoL. I wonder if there's a camera crew there the whole time or what... I think 9 vehicles is a little much to transport both families, LoL. Parrot Mountain did seem like a cool place though, and I'd totally visit it if I was in that area. Interesting that the boom mic freaked out the birds.
Teen Mom (S02E05):
Catelynn: I'm a little unclear on why she called her therapist and only offered her first name... does that doctor really only have one Catelynn/Kaitlin/etc.? If so, I'm a little concerned, LoL. I didn't realize how much younger their child was... Carly isn't even a year old yet, but we know Sophia is at least 15 months. And Catelynn was really weird about the hug thing in the car. I'm over Ryan. I also don't know that I'd allow my phone records to just go into the river like that, not shredded or anything.
Maci: Kyle looks really old.
Farrah: the little Easter party was cute. Still not knowing how to write a check was not. So, of COURSE she has no idea to wait until the check clears before doing anything else. Seeing her try to make a diaper out of towels was weird. She has a direct person she calls for her bank? And she's wondering if it's fraud... so she must know that sort of thing exists... is she really going to think it can't happen to her? I can't believe Farrah was so rude to the person on the phone where the money was wired... it's not that person's fault that she did her job and gave the money to the person it was intended for. I wanna see more of Farrah sucking at life, LoL.
Amber: hahaha, this is the THIRD time Amber & Gary are engaged.
If You Really Knew Me (S01E05): Colusa High in California farm town. 350 students is it! Only 1 Black kid. New opening for the show was cool. The nerd had a sad first-day-of-school story. Highly unemployed area. Lots of parental issues in this school. At least we finally hit a low-crossing category: Jews. These kids' "what I'll do different" sound like crap. Finally, we have a pregnant girl. I like how we left out the baby daddy tho. As a whole, I'm starting to be over this show.
Wipeout (S03E12): New obstacle in the qualifier! Shake-a-lator looks a little easier this time around, since it has the balls on the edge... less likely to fall off, LoL. The unbalance beam makes for some funny wipeouts. Why in the world was the one person so censored?? Did her shorts just tear in half or something?? That giant ball in the second round was crazybig! and the fact that the first guy made it so fast was nuts! It seemed that everyone thought it was easy after that, as people crowd around to get over! Nothing exciting in round 3. The Wipeout Zone was only fairly entertaining this week, but I felt bad for the last guy doing the Zone, he lost on that last little part! ... and when I look over my thoughts on the past few weeks, I wonder if my interest in this show is waning...

Hot in Cleveland
(S01E10): [Season Finale] The intro with the rainy scene was neat on the show's logo. LOVED the Judge Judy comment. Joy's roots look strange. Nice hit on Lebron. Betty White and her phrases that she's "always wanted to say" were great. The fact that all of the stuff underground was stolen was intriguing. Sweet little Antique Roadshow moment. Victoria's collarbones freak me out. I liked how Joy kept putting on more goodies. So sweet that Victoria won the Emmy, but I couldn't BELIEVE that Susan Lucci was the one to accept on her behalf! The fact that they had the same dress on was the icing on the cake. The look on Betty White's face when the policeman started noticing all of the stuff (and subsequently her mug shot!) was priceless!
Minute to Win It (S02E07): Twin brothers. Dan in red, Shawn in blue. I wasn't a big fan of Dan asking his girlfriend down and then proposing between games.
Game 1: Drop Zone: hold string (that's attached to a pole and runs over three buckets) so it's tight enough for a ball to roll on. Let the ball roll down it, and when the timing is right, relax that string so the ball falls in the bucket. Do this for three different buckets. Dan goes for it. He has trouble with bouncing - some fall in and bounce out, others drop and then bounce in (which doesn't count... they have to land in and stay in). Shawn decides to take over, even though Dan said he'd try again. Shawn goes 3 for 3 and wins with 39 seconds to spare. He then kicks over the bucket of balls and picks a few up to throw to the audience! [I think this may be the first time (maybe second) that someone lost a life in the first game]
Game 2: Egg Dance: balance two round platters with eggs placed on them. Carry them over (keeping the eggs on them) and place them on a couple pedestals. The trickist part is that you have to pick up one tray, then go over and pick up another, so the balance changes extra. Shawn goes for it, and finishes with less than 10 seconds left.
Game 3: Blow Ball: a 16" pizza ban can hold 76 ping pong balls. Three are yellow, 73 are red. Blow off just the red ones. Dan goes for it. Shawn coached HARD. He gets it with 16 seconds remaining.
Game 4: Sharp Shooter: Fling rubber bands at playing cards held upright by clothespins. Shawn goes for it, and has an interesting strategy of putting the pile of rubber bands on the floor (instead of the pedestal), so he doesn't have to reach back for them each time. He gets the first two without too much difficulty, but the third gives him issues... he finishes with five seconds remaining on the clock.
Game 5: Speed Eraser: Bounce pencils on their erasers to get them in cups. Do it 10 times in 60 seconds. Dan goes for it. He's really on a roll for a while, but the last few give him problems, and he finishes with 3 seconds left.
Game 6: Drop Ball: a five-gallon water jug has a water bottle on top, and a golf ball on top of that. Swipe the smaller water bottle so that the golf ball lands in the water jug. You have to get 4 out of 7set-ups. Dan goes for it. He runs out of attempts. Shawn then gives it a try. He's super-intense and does it!
Game 7: Broomski Ball: roll a tennis ball at a broom to give it air to get it in a bucket. You have to do it into three different buckets (each further away and slightly taller) in a minute. Unlimited balls. Shawn goes for it, and gets two in the middle bucket pretty quickly. Then he gets two in the third basket. And he gets the third bucket with 26 seconds to spare. Not gonna lie, I didn't think he was going to pull this one off!
and, even though they previously said that they were there to go for the million, they walked with the $125,000.

(S06E10): Lella's freaking out over her eye was strange. The lead-up to needing to use math to figure out the mind-switching thing was weird. But, I didn't really like the mind-swapping to begin with. Okay, apparently they're actually body-switching LoL.
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Off season/Coming Up:
Little People, Big World (season 6 starts September 6th)
House, M.D.
(season 7 starts September 20th)
How I Met Your Mother
(season 6 starts September 20th)
The Simpsons
(season 22 starts September 26th)
Family Guy
(season 9 starts September 26th)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in the Fall on ABC)
South Park
(have not yet heard, but I assume October or so)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
16 and Pregnant
Kate Plus Eight (not sure when season 1 continues)
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