Thursday, August 19, 2010

Burn Notice - Double Blind Spot...

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Burn Notice
- "Blind Spot"

This week's episode begins with the original 3 devising and executing a plan to hide the source of information about John Barret from Jesse. Michael cons Jesse into going along with a plan to bring Barret to Miami to deal for Simon's code Bible (recap: Michael interviewed Simon last episode to discover the code Bible's owner and that Michael 'burning' was the result of an elaborate scheme). Jesse's not very happy with this, but he (for some reason) is trusting Michael absolutely. (Michael must have had a better 'spy sensei' in spy school...) Even Michael's mom lets him and Fiona know that she doesn't like hearing them lie to Jesse.

Fi and Sam take a job tracking down a woman's life savings that was stolen by an extremely likable con artist. Michael and Jesse set a strange looking trap using a defibrillator and plan to watch it via Skype (why?). After Michael fake-types on a keyboard, the credits kick back in...? They leave a burn phone from Barret's company to bring him to the trap.

Sam and Fi stalk and party with their mark and pretend to be in the exact same situation. Fiona learns that he goes after grieving women while Sam's ruse to get his account numbers crashes and burns. Fi goes nuts trying to shoot him when she learns of their failure, but Sam stops her. Fi then brings Michael in to execute a plan to steal his account number. Not sure why though because Sam and Fi execute the plan and plant a bug in the con artist's phone.

Meanwhile, back in the car (even though Michael pointed out you could monitor the trap from anywhere in the world...), Michael and Jesse watch a random white guy get mildly electrocuted while checking for the Bible. After discovering their prey's phone is clean, Michael and Jesse trade off boathouse duty and Jesse heads off to help Sam and Fi. After waking up and conning the con man into thinking he's spent a fortune, Jesse and Fiona follow him to his money handlers' office. After getting 'purely tactical' (aka making out to fool suspicious security personnel), the gang kicks in a new plan to infect the con-man with paranoia about losing his money. Sam finds out about the 'tacticalness' between Fi and Jesse while failing again at manipulating this guy.

A bad guy FINALLY calls to check on Michael and Jesse's caught white guy. They bring the caller up to speed and send back the white guy with copies from the code Bible. Next, Michael comes in as a dirty cop to 'find' the people harassing the con man and Sam, but the con man's money managers have tracked the problems back to their client. Fiona has to go in and rescue her from a closet. After blacking out the con man again, dirty cop Michael comes in and sells his services for $1 million to clean up the con man's new imaginary mess. It works and soon they're cruising in limo while Sam explains the con-man's new problems. The million ends up going to all of his victims.

The episode ends with Sam and Michael planning all the work to come as Barret calls to let them know he's already in Miami. Jesse finally (that's 3 'finallys' this episode...) discovers the trio are the ones who got him burned and pulls a gun on Fi. He runs off as Fi calls Michael, all upset. He'll make a good random shooter for the remainder of the season. This also makes for a nice double entendre for the title...

Joke of the episode: "Yeah, let's call that plan Z."
(Runner up: "Tosser")

New rules to remember: "Military breaching techniques are more aggressive. They don't just try to get by the door, they use it as a weapon."

Spy lesson rating: Average.
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